Log In Queue

Screenshot (11)So I go to log into World of Warcraft and this is what I get. Wow, can’t even get into the Bnet launcher. I haven’t sat in a queue to log in since BC, and back then you logged in, and left to make a sammich, get a drink, and when you got back from eating and drinking, good chance you’d be logged into your realm.


Legends ep 2: Chemisty – Thoughts

Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT's Legends.
Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT’s Legends.

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Okay I’m a little late to the party. I watched last night’s episode this morning. I was busy last night watching my brother-in-law play Hitman… 

I’ve only got two episodes to go on, so I’m not sure a “norm” has been established. I’ve watched 24 but not Homeland, and I got the feeling they took a page from Supernatural. First of all I expected Sean Bean to be in a different legend every episode, which shows the acting prowess of Sean Bean. When last night’s episode was him trying to recover from having his last legend blown, I think this may be he’s in a new legend every other episode. Also when he’s not in these legends who maintains them? Who answers the phone calls? Text messages? I mean in the first episode he’d been Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months at an anarchist training camp, so while Martin Odum was Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months, The legend he’s supposed to slip into next week: Dante Orbek, has been missing? Incommunicado? Or we under the impression that these legends are created on the fly, like Lincoln Dittmann seemed to be (details were added after Martin came from being him for 6 months.)

Enough poking plot holes, that may be sealed up in later episodes. When I start poking them, means I actually like the show (or movie) enough that I’ve begun to analyze it, rather just saying, “Yeah it was good.”

So, mentioning the page from Supernatural, when I realized that last night’s episode wasn’t going to be a new legend, I figured it was going to be a ‘meet the supporting cast’ episode, since one of the other agents was going to assume his legend (so I guess we did get a new legend every episode except Troy’s legend wasn’t as deeply explained as Martin’s) and it felt like Maggie got a lot more screen time.


Well just because you think they’re supporting cast, doesn’t mean they’re gonna live is all I gotta say. Which is just like Supernatural, or Game of Thrones (only I’ve never watched Game of Thrones) I just have listened to others talk about it.

World of Warcraft

TyraelI play World of Warcraft. However I’ve been busy in D3, because my husband recently bought the expansion. I play Horde mostly. I run a guild on Ysera called <Exogenesis>. It has gotten quiet because I know that if the guild leader does not maintain a presence, the guild members commit an exodus. (I’ve been working lately. Not so much time to play.)

Well now I have time to play, just in time for WoD. I saw the cinematic and am wondering. Is the one orc, the one that doesn’t drink the demon blood, Grom Hellscream? I had always been under the impression that Grom and Thrall were near the same age. I know the hooded orc is Durotan, Thrall’s father, but then that would make Grom older than Thrall, by… a lot.


My New TMNT Earrings!

TMNT Earrings

These arrived yesterday! They are so perfect! I ordered these as a custom order from Bunny Beads UK an Etsy shop. I messaged 3 shops to make earrings like this for me, 2 replied, and only one agreed to make them. Now you know who I’m going to go back to for any more custom orders.


LegendsOkay I wouldn’t consider myself a die hard Sean Bean fan. I’ve watched many movies with him because he’s in a ton of movies. Black Death, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Silent Hill 1 & 2, and there is this cool flowchart somewhere of the list of movies where he lives or dies. (On a side note I’d have loved to have seen the Odyssey with Sean Bean as Odysseus made into a movie.) However I do like Sean Bean, and I saw the previews for this show and there are a few shows I actually watch the pilot for when they are released. So many shows I’ve come into a couple seasons after they’ve been on.

Then there was the trouble I went into trying to DVR Legends, thank goodness they re-aired the episode 4 times. When it came on at 7 (I’m CST) I missed the first five minutes, watching another show, but I had set the DVR to record it, and I enjoy being able to fast forward through commercials. The DVR wasn’t recording! I instructed it 2 more times to record, nuffin. So I had to reset the router (I have AT&T U-Verse). That didn’t work. I had pressed and held the power button for 10 secs at least three times before unplugging it from the power supply. By this time I’ve missed 20 minutes of the episode. When I finally decided to call AT&T and give them a piece of my mind (I’ve had this problem before, I lost an episode of Supernatural due to the cable box needing updates it didn’t receive) the TV popped on, and Legends was recording! So I decided well now I can watch it from the beginning, nope, only recorded the second half of the episode. I missed the 10 PM airing cause I was eating, and managed to catch the 11PM on TNT-W.

I was impressed. It watched a lot like 24, but gave me a Long Kiss Goodnight feel to it. Remember in Long Kiss Goodnight Geena Davis’ character has amnesia and is living her cover as a school teacher but she’s really a secret agent? Reminded me a lot like that.

The ‘Legend’ is the term used for an undercover agent’s cover story. So Sean Bean plays Martin Odum, whose legend is Lincoln Dittmann. Now to see him switch between these two personas is awesome. It gives testament to Sean Bean’s acting ability, and I dig the excuse (Sean Bean’s character was an Air Force brat) that allows him to sound English in an American TV show. The real intrigue of the show for me, other than the fact I forgot how good looking Sean Bean is, is the Long Kiss Goodnight part. A man, looking rather homeless, tells Sean Bean that Martin Odum is just a legend and isn’t real. So who is he? Can’t wait to follow the series to find the truth.

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Bonnie Bryant Hiller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m giving five stars because I’m a Turtle fan, have been ever since 1987.
As for the book, I understand it is meant for kids. I was nine this movie was released and it holds a special place in my heart. the sentences were short, the descriptions lacking, and some of the dialogue just explained rather than spoken.

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Review: TMNT Movie Novelization

TMNT Movie Novelization
TMNT Movie Novelization by Steve Murphy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There was some artwork in the center that was pretty neat to look at. There was a line from the 90’s movie, “Welcome to Pain 101, your instructor is Casey Jones,” in it that isn’t in the TMNT movie. This was better written and less short sentences, but they referred to the turtles chests as plastrons, which means: a large pad worn by a fencer to protect the chest. I can’t really knock it, it is turtles, and I’m a huge fan.

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