Into the Storm – Review – Stygian Style

Into the Storm

Okay, my blog isn’t just about Turtles, it is about all the things I like. Richard Armitage is one of them. On Friday the 8th I saw two movies. Turtles and Into the Storm. I was so overwhelming disappointed with Turtles that I barely got to enjoy Into the Storm.

Into the Storm is obviously meant for an older audience, which was nice because my 10 year old daughter was the only one under 30 probably in the theater that wasn’t watching Turtles. Next to us in the seat was a little ole white haired lady, watching all by herself.

Now I wanted to see Into the Storm for 2 reasons. First being Richard Armitage. Ever since his role in the Hobbit as Thorn Oakenshield, I have been in love with this man. I went back and watched his episodes of MI-5, the mini-series North and South, his tiny role in Captain America. Not to mention I’ve rewatched the Hobbit, a lot. Nice thing about Hobbit is not just Thorin, but Kili and Fili are also nice to look at.

My brother-in-law went with us and he said to me after the movie, “If it wasn’t for the fact Richard Armitage was the main character I’d have to ask which one was he.” My bro-in-law doesn’t recognize Thorin without his dwarf make-up. Which is interesting because I have role-playing characters based off Thorin and Richard Armitage because they do look so different.

The second reason I wanted to see Into the Storm… Tornadoes. I live in the midwest, Tornadoes are almost a yearly occurrence here. You should look up the Good Friday Tornado or the New Year’s Eve Tornado. So this movie kinda struck a local chord with me, and I wanted to see Richard Armitage in an American film.

I have little bad things to say about the movie, the only thing that bothered me was the way it was filmed. I have no love for “found footage” or what I call, “shaky camera” movies. This was a step up, it was a “documentary” style job, so the angles were better, the camera wasn’t as shaky, and you got to see glimpses of the other camera men filming. In the trailer I had no clue that this was gonna be filmed like that. What good came of this was because of some of the “static” camera shots, I got to see a lot of good frames of Richard Armitage’s backside.

I didn’t much care for what the “Eye of the Tornado” was. I preferred Twister’s “eye” better.

The only other thing that bothered me was the drowning goodbye scene. It was too long and too drawn out, I think it would’ve had better drama if the water rose over his mouth while saying goodbye.

The good parts, the fire tornado was very cool, the fact that Richard Armitage still sounded English made me happy. I was hoping that the producers hadn’t been trying to make him sound American. The plot was better than Turtles, and obviously better written, oh and the acting was better.


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