Legends ep 2: Chemisty – Thoughts

Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT's Legends.
Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT’s Legends.

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Okay I’m a little late to the party. I watched last night’s episode this morning. I was busy last night watching my brother-in-law play Hitman… 

I’ve only got two episodes to go on, so I’m not sure a “norm” has been established. I’ve watched 24 but not Homeland, and I got the feeling they took a page from Supernatural. First of all I expected Sean Bean to be in a different legend every episode, which shows the acting prowess of Sean Bean. When last night’s episode was him trying to recover from having his last legend blown, I think this may be he’s in a new legend every other episode. Also when he’s not in these legends who maintains them? Who answers the phone calls? Text messages? I mean in the first episode he’d been Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months at an anarchist training camp, so while Martin Odum was Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months, The legend he’s supposed to slip into next week: Dante Orbek, has been missing? Incommunicado? Or we under the impression that these legends are created on the fly, like Lincoln Dittmann seemed to be (details were added after Martin came from being him for 6 months.)

Enough poking plot holes, that may be sealed up in later episodes. When I start poking them, means I actually like the show (or movie) enough that I’ve begun to analyze it, rather just saying, “Yeah it was good.”

So, mentioning the page from Supernatural, when I realized that last night’s episode wasn’t going to be a new legend, I figured it was going to be a ‘meet the supporting cast’ episode, since one of the other agents was going to assume his legend (so I guess we did get a new legend every episode except Troy’s legend wasn’t as deeply explained as Martin’s) and it felt like Maggie got a lot more screen time.


Well just because you think they’re supporting cast, doesn’t mean they’re gonna live is all I gotta say. Which is just like Supernatural, or Game of Thrones (only I’ve never watched Game of Thrones) I just have listened to others talk about it.


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