Review: The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor
The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I found this book dull and the characters were bland. I couldn’t identify at all with the main character, and some of the characters I couldn’t tell apart, they were just faceless names. I did read this book in one sitting because I kept waiting for the psychological thriller that Amazon had promised me. I was not thrilled and it was three quarters through the book before even a mystery was hinted at.
The book did open with a cut scene of excitement but by the time I’d read enough of the book to reach the slice that was shown in the beginning I’d forgotten about it. I knew this wasn’t the book for me when I start talking about it with the phrase: This book would’ve been so much better if…
And the author really used the 5 senses description, I’ve never read a book that told me what everyone and everyplace smelled like. The downside is the lack of description, so and so smelled like sage, but didn’t go into anything about how sage smells.
The upside is the book is a short, light read, if you need to a couple hours to waste.

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The Hood


This is Parker Robbins a.k.a. the Hood. Ever since watching a the TV show Grimm and falling headlong in love with Captain Sean Renard, having no idea for the entire first season if he was a good guy or a bad guy. So anyway I started wondering about villain protagonist stories and books. Villain protagonist is where the main character is a bad guy, think of the Riddick movies. Well I’ve been looking for villain protagonist books and I got to thinking about the Hood. It is funny because I’ve never read the Hood comics, and only know about him through Marvel Puzzle Quest. I figured I’d start with the Hood fan fiction until I could get my hands on the comics… Kinda having a hard time finding the Hood fan fiction. I may have to step up as an ultimate Hood fan. Googling it revealed Twilight Fan Fiction, kid you not. Even if the Hood doesn’t live up to my expectations as villain protagonist, he’ll be better than Twilight.