My Dreams

D R E A M S by tincek-marincek

I have great dreams. I write them all down, and usually it is weird to go back and reread them. Last night’s dream:

I dreamed my uncle was an anthropologist and he had anonymously received a movie. He assumed it was a sci fi film, I watched parts of it over his shoulder. Parts of the movie claimed to take place 5000 years ago. Those parts were about a dragon and his two servants, dressed in medieval suits of armor, but seemed to possess brief invisibility and telekinesis. The three seemed to be attacking a small medieval town.

Then parts of the movie claimed to take place in the present day in a city that seemed more futuristic than us. The cars hovered, the food was weird, lots of holographic screens. The buildings were shaped funny. There didn’t seem to be any animals except for cats and dogs that looked like their front and back legs were fused together, making them two legged and they seemed to get around just fine.

My uncle had received a letter with the movie asking him to authenticate the accuracy of the humans in it. Were they humans at all? My uncle thought it was a joke and throws the movie away.
So we go on a picnic, myself, my aunt and uncle, and their 3 children. We’re in the car and we drive through a tunnel but come out the other side in the city from the movie. My uncle and his family do some freaking out, but I’m fascinated.

They try to turn the car around, but the tunnel is gone.

So we try to blend in. We pull up to what looks like a McDonald’s knockoff restaurant. We’re already getting weird looks from other people because our car looks nothing like the hovering cars.

We try to order food but they want a sample first. Not knowing what to expect I offer, and they hook up a hose to my thigh and it looks like it sucks out some fat. The girl taking the “sample” tastes it, which grosses me out. She suddenly says, “Do you not know what you are?” She’s all surprised. My uncle freaks out and drives off.

So we’re trying to leave the city but it seems unending. So we pull into a gas station, and I successfully steal a couple of honey buns and some gummy candy. I open the honey buns and they sprout legs and try to run away. More freaking out, when the honey bun seems to know it wasn’t being chased turns around and runs back and practically tries to jump down my throat. We come to discover that all the food stuffs are designed to act like prey, unless you don’t chase then it forces itself on you.

Which is weird because the only animals we’ve seen were the weird cats and dogs. No birds, no bugs, no rabbits. Also everything seems vegetarian. Nothing has meat.

We get contacted by this family. They say they were like us. That their parents came through a portal and another family had helped them.

They explained as best they could how the world works. The people were not entirely human, they were part dragon.

When they tasted my leg fat, they were checking my species.

Other dreams:


Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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