Review: The Aeschylus

The Aeschylus
The Aeschylus by David Barclay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book was okay at best. It reminded me a lot of the movie Deep Rising but with an oil platform rather than a cruise ship. The Aeschylus is the name of the oil platform and surprisingly isn’t really the main setting of the book. The Carrion would’ve been a better book name or Carrion Island or New Swabia (or whatever the island was named by the Nazis.)
It was like the author had two stories he wanted to write about the same subject but just in two different timelines, so he wrote them both to make the word quota for a novel. Only the timelines didn’t mesh that well. He should’ve stuck with 1939 or Present Day, not both. Also the Prologue made no sense, I almost reread the prologue trying to figure out what significance it played on the rest of the novel.
The good part is the book is full of action. It is written like a horror movie is filmed, probably because like most authors (including me) I spend more time dreaming of my book as a movie than actually writing the book. I kept thinking The Aeschylus could very easily be turned into a screenplay.

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