PayEnemy not PayPal

I know I’m being snarky and angry but I’m gonna bitch anyway. So I told PayPal about my photoproblem with Game Hosting taking $12 and explained that I had canceled my account with them a month ago. I had no account to log into, but still they took $12 and I know that $12 isn’t a whole lot, but it is the principle of it. A company shouldn’t take money they aren’t owed only because they have access to your account. I think that is called theft. I did send an email to Game Hosting and I intend to send another, asking the return of my $12. This is what PayPal had to say to me:

“We’ve completed our review of your unauthorized transaction claim. The payment in question was sent as part of a payment agreement you previously set up with the merchant. As a result, we’re unable to consider this to be an unauthorized payment.

As a courtesy, we’ve canceled this payment agreement for you. In the future, however, please be aware that you can manage and cancel your payment agreements directly from your PayPal account.”

So I should cancel my payment agreements through PayPal and not through the actual merchant sites, which is odd because I have several payment agreements set up, Netflix, HULU, Spotify, and I manage them all through the individual companies. Well from now on I’ll just stop sending Netflix money when I want to cancel rather than letting Netflix know directly. Seems so asshole to me.

I sent PayPal another email saying I wanted to know what investigation documentation they had used to reach their agreement. Did they talk to Game Hosting at all? Did they even read where I said I had canceled my account with Game Hosting.

I realize that PayPal is a business, and the point of business is to make money. However I am a customer and I suppose Game Hosting is too, but we’re talking $12 to right a wrong here.

I’m actually cooled off now than I was before at 6 AM when I read the email from PayPal, I was very close to closing my PayPal account and having them lose a customer forever.



Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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