Fallout 4

20160513123646_1So I finally reached the ending cutscene and I must say I feel disappointed. It isn’t that the game is over (well most of it is) I only have 2 factions of the original 4 remaining. I have my X-01 Power Armor, I’m level 51. I have all the companions except 2 (I had to kill one of them, /sadface). I honestly tried my best to keep as many factions up as possible (they give repeating infinite quests) but I wound up with a Desdemona bug that wouldn’t let me turn in Randolph Safehouse 5. She kept telling me to go talk to Z1 and wouldn’t allow me to turn in the quest. So I got angry and shot her.

I should play as a female this time. My male toon was so hot, and apparently bisexual. I went romance with everyone I could. I wound up wearing the Minutemen General Hat and Uniform for the entire game once I found it. I just like the way it looked that much.

I think I will restart and this time, go slower, just explore, and work more on my settlements. There is so much of the map I haven’t explored.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

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2 thoughts on “Fallout 4”

    1. Well I didn’t mention it because I was hoping to be spoiler free. I wasn’t aware that if you have a faction companion, Preston Garvey, Deacon or X6-88 or Paladin Danse (prior to Blind Betrayal) and you get ordered to wipe out that faction, you have to kill your companion too. I sided with the Institute and the Minutemen, I crushed the Railroad and the Brotherhood. I had already done Blind Betrayal so Paladin Danse was safe, but I had to kill Deacon.

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