Fallout 4: Pistols Versus Rifles

Probably my all time favorite loading screen tip.

I’ve played all the Fallout games except the one for you phone. We bought Fallout 1 and 2 when they were released. If I look hard enough in boxes in the closet I’ll probably find the disks you installed from. I bought Fallout 3 and New Vegas Game of the Year editions for PS3. So I’m familiar with the wastelands, NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, and Dogmeat (who is in Fallout 1, 2, 3 & 4, but not New Vegas, you get a cyborg dog named Rex.)

My favorite gun is the Alien Disintegrator, and when I play Fallout 3 I immediately go to the Mothership Zeta DLC and scoop up all the Disintegrators and ammo I can carry. I’ll use it for nearly the entire game. So needless to say I’m an energy rifle girl.

So in Fallout 4, I decided to go pistols only and I can’t do it. I run out of ammo (with the way I play, totally unheard of) I usually use ammo as a form of currency at vendors. If I’m selling more than they have caps to pay me, I’ll buy up their ammo because it has no weight. However in Fallout 4, you keep everything because you need the junk for your settlements. What I did was break down my weapons except 2 pistols, a laser pistol and the originally 10mm pistol I started with (I haven’t gotten a legendary pistol yet). The upside is I never usually use grenades or mines, well due to ammo shortage, I’ve learned quickly.

I think I’m going to go back to rifles, and maybe go with pistols later end game. Or rather I use weapons according to what I’m fighting. Pistols for dogs and molerats and radroaches, shotguns for mirelurks, and rifles for everything else.

Also does anyone ever actually use the pipe pistols/rifles? They seem so inferior to my 10mm I never keep them around. Guess what I’m gonna try next… 🙂


Author: Ransacked Turnip

Mom. Wife. Author. Geek. Gamer. Dreamer. Coffee Drinker. Animal Lover. Vodka Slave.

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