Conspiracy Theories

A guy I work with often discuss conspiracy theories, JFK, Nixon, Lincoln, even Hollywood conspiracies. He also claims he’s related to a ton of famous people: Jackie Gleason, Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Dolly Parton (I loved this one, says that Dolly is his mother’s twin sister) Saint Patrick and Bea Arthur to name a few. He also claims he’s in Witness Protection. 

What really surprised me today was when another co-worker came up to me and asked me if I had heard about FEMA Camps and I said I had not. She then directed me to an article someone had posted on Facebook.

ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov’t Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse

My co-worker is very alarmed at this article and can be quoted saying, “F*ck America!” I have a feeling a revolution is coming, and I figured I may see it in my lifetime, but I am a pacifist and I encourage my children to be the same. Being a pacifist doesn’t meant I will back down, but I will seek alternative methods to violence. Telling someone once that I was a pacifist I was informed I was just the kind the government wanted, a timid sheep.

Back to the article, now normally the first thing I would do would be to look up this kind of shit on Snopes. I once argued with a girl about something being a hoax and she asked me why her friends had sent it to her, if it was a hoax. I felt bad having to explain how gullible people are (and I’m one of them) and so many people pass around bad information on Facebook. Well anyway what I find unique about this article on Superstation95’s website is the fact they have a rebuttal to the snopes article.

ICE Doubt

Usually fake websites and fake news stories don’t do that. Which makes me wonder about the authenticity of Superstation95’s story. They certainly seem to act like it is truth, but they have highlighted on their website that they aren’t sure if the suicide note is just ravings of a madman or the truth.

One of the things is they say there is supposed to be economic collapse in 2016, basically America will be sent back to the Dark Ages/Holocaust.

I wasn’t sure what a FEMA Camp was so I had to google them and it seems they have a Wikipedia article: FEMA Camps Conspiracy

I have a few words of wisdom from my grandfather who fought in WWII. He says: If ever the country collapses to beg, steal, borrow or buy a pair of breeding rabbits. He says to hide them, and breed them and I’ll get more meat to feed my family from two rabbits than if I had two cows.

On a side note I wound up looking for an image to go with this post, and after stumbling through Titanic Conspiracies (about how the Titanic actually never sunk, but the Oceanic did because the White Star Line needed insurance money and they swapped the names of the boats) and then discovered JFK quotes. I listened to some of JFK’s speeches, even listening to some now and I’m tearing up hearing the voice of man who died 18 years before I was born.



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