Open Mouth, Insert Foot or I’m a Hypocrite

To make my night better I accidently got Diet Mountain Dew rather than regular. (sarcasm) I wonder how it will taste when I add a half pint of vodka.

Okay I decided to more assertive to say things rather than just hold them in and let them slowly let it bother me and kill my morale and make me hate my co-workers even more. I’ve done it once before when I asked the girl about the cookies and she said she didn’t care (well the last 2 days she’s made cookies  )

So yesterday I go into work and I’m waiting to clock in. It won’t let you clock in early, and depending on how late you are, won’t let you clock in late either. In the crew room are a girl on her cell phone, a guy I don’t know, myself and the lobby guy. The lobby guy is talking to me about something, I usually half listen to him. So I look up at the clock and I’ve got 5 minutes. I ask the other guy I don’t know if he gets off at 5 PM, he says he does. I asked him why was he in the crew room. He says, “I’m just waiting to clock out.” I look incredulously at him and tell him that is stealing company time. He immediately leaves the crew room.

Later that night the manager comes to me and asks what happened with the guy. I told him what happened. The manager says the guy was so upset about losing his job that he called up and apologized. (Let’s take a second here to give kudos to the guy, this is an opportunity to make a better employee out of him.) So the manager tells me the guy has autism. Now this is gonna sound callous but I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay so he has autism.”

Today the lobby guy comes and tells me about what the guy did and tells me he has autism, and again I shrug my shoulders and said, “So he has autism.”

Here is the deal. I have an autistic son, he’s 15, and moderately functional. He was non-verbal until he was 5 (sign language helped so much) and has been in the school system since he was 2 and a half. So I know a little about autism from 15 years of experience with it. I feel like our co-workers are making an excuse for being a poor employee. People with autism are highly intelligent, extremely bright, and they can learn. The real problem is not that the employee has autism, it is the company is using the autism as an excuse, rather than training the employee correctly (poor training is a huge pet peeve of mine at work and I can only bitch about it on my blog). I mean how else do they explain the other poor employees? They don’t have autism. I feel I should apologize and I probably will because that is the type of person I am.

Now onto the me being a hypocrite. I was thinking about codependency and truthfully how I’m only responsible for myself, and that I should let go all this bitching and negativity about what goes on at work. Trust me it is hard, but I hate feeling like I’m the only one who doesn’t get away with any of the other shit that the other employees do.

Tonight I was gently reminded that cleaning the lobby was an hour job, not hour and fifteen minutes. (I cannot get my cleaning time under hour and fifteen.) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because if I cut corners (I used to skip out on the bathroom floors and the vestibule floor or moving the tables to do the floors) it would get pointed out to me that I needed to do these things and couldn’t leave until I fixed them. I’ve never seen anyone else do the lobby so I wonder what I’m doing wrong. One manager says he can do them in 45 minutes. I’m seriously at a loss here.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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