The first time I played X-COM I was 13. It was 1994 and my dad bought it. I used to watch him play, and was intrigued by the pretense of the game, you saved the Earth from alien invasion. The game was difficult (even on the lowest difficulty) and even though I still have the game (repurchased through Steam) I still have never beat it. That game was called X-COM: UFO DEFENSE.

A couple of years ago the game was remade as XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN and playing took me back to a lot of good memories and nightmares (yes the 1994 game scared me to the point I had nightmares) but this was the first XCOM game I beat.
Now brings us to XCOM 2:
I have restarted this game 4 times already (which was a common XCOM thing, lots of restarting, researching things differently, building bases differently) but I love the game and the story. I’m considering restarting it again now that I’ve gotten a little further. At the same time I’ve really put a lot of hours into this game and might just play it until I lose the game. At the moment I’ve lost a few soldiers but I haven’t failed a mission nor failed to undertake a mission.
Now I play games blind usually, meaning that I don’t look at any videos or read walkthroughs or strategies (I did google which class was best for the skulljack) or spoilers. If you’re the same then better stop reading cause I’m gonna talk about an annoying difference between XCOM 1 & 2.
XCOM 1 (Enemy Unknown) you could do the campaign as slowly or quickly as you wanted. Usually before assaulting the alien base I would get all my research done, get all my troops armored and armed and max trained before taking out the base. In XCOM 2 you basically have a game timer. The AVATAR project can be delayed or reduced but not stopped and I feel like XCOM 2 rushes me. I’m also always starved for supplies and elerium cores.
Also I have a crush on Central Officer Bradford. I’ve got an unhealthy screenshot gallery of him.

Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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