Review: War Horse

War Horse
War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I had gotten halfway through the book before I decided I wanted to see the movie. I originally didn’t want to see the movie because most animal movies make me cry, and depending on the movie (Neverending Story) I’ll break down and sob.

The movie and book were both mediocre and the ending was anticlimactic on both. I did not cry at the end of either. It wasn’t until I borrowed the book from the library I realized it was a Scholastic kids book, and I looked it up Grades 3-7 interest level. So I was prepared for short sentences and 0 sub-plots. The book did not fail to deliver those.

However what surprised me was that the book was told by the point of view of the horse. So we were seeing WWI from a Joey’s point of view, i.e. food, water, how hard he was worked, how kindly he was treated and how Topthorn was doing. I think I liked Topthorn more than Joey.

I think what would’ve made me really like this book would’ve been if the author had concluded with the fates of the others who came in contact with Joey through the war like Trooper Warren and Captain Stewart or the pair of haflingers.

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