When Service Calls Go As Expected


So right off the bat I’m doing a shameless plug for Harster. I don’t think many if any read my blog but after shaming the HVAC company that told me my a/c unit was old and needed replacing, I need to sing praises about Harster.

First of all I met David Harster, and told him about the lowering to 68 at night and raising to 72 during the day and he just shook his head. Gave me his business card and said to call him.

First thing Harster charged me $95 just like the other company. Except this guy actually serviced my a/c unit. He removed the cover to my inside unit and cleaned the coils! And guess what! It stopped the leak! He put a clamp on the drain hose so it couldn’t fall off. Checked my outside freon, told me the condenser unit wasn’t that dirty and when I told him what the other technician had said about the filter. He pulled it out and showed it to me. He said the recommendation on the filter is to change it every 3 months, but really you should check the filter once a month and if you could still see light through it, it was okay. Once you couldn’t see light through it, change it. Before he left he made sure the a/c was functioning properly and checked the vents to see if it was blowing out cooler air. Not once did this guy mention my a/c unit was old and needed replacing. Everything that Harster did was what I expected the other company to do.

I left a negative review for the other company on Google, this was before Harster serviced my unit, and I got an e-mail from the other company, asking for a review of their services. So I clicked the link and gave them 1 star (couldn’t give them negative stars, blah) and told them about how lousy they were and then told them I called Harster and about how great Harster was and how I’ve been telling everyone not to use the other company but to save their money and call Harster. So the other company gives me a $40 off service coupon.  OMG like I’ll ever call them again!!!

So from my personal experience. If you live in Saint Louis, call HARSTER first. Not to mention I love their billboards. This one is my favorite.



Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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