Allergies, Black Betty & Something Fantastic Happened…

Black Betty

Little over a week ago my kids tell me there is a black kitten on the back deck. She’s been trying to come inside the house and hasn’t let the deck all night. (I was at work.) My kids fed and watered her. Black Betty looks like a kitten to me. She’s very tiny and looked like she had been wearing a collar at one time. I actually left her on the deck for a couple of days, hoping she would go back home. The only time she left the deck was to chase the kids in the back yard (she’s very doggish) the part that really tore at my heart was she was sick. Her breathing was all bubbly and her little nose would get clogged with snot and she couldn’t breathe, and she’d sneeze these long boogers and shake her head. I didn’t have enough money to take her to the vet and my darling friends on FB helped donate money to get her to a vet.

The bill was $81 and she was given a prescription for an antibiotic. She’s very affectionate, and has finally stopped the runny nose and bubbly breathing. She is still sneezing boogers everywhere even though I only have 1 more day of antibiotics to give her. I intend to take her to the vet later to get her rabies vaccine and a spay. I know she’s not spayed because she was in heat when I finally allowed her into the house. No worries about kittens, my tom is neutered and has been for years. So I thought she was a kitten, the vet says she’s at least 2-3 years old (according to the plaque build up on her teeth) and weighs not quite 6 lbs. Which surprises me because my big tom is 25 lbs. Lately she’s been doing great, bit of a runny nose appeared today, so I’m slightly worried, but we’ll see if it gets better.

So my allergies kicked in yesterday. I’m still not sure what I’m allergic to. I normally feel like crap a day after it rains, as far as I know it didn’t rain yesterday (it rained today) but I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and sinus drainage. Today my sore throat is better, for it seems that my sinuses are draining out my nose instead of down my throat. However today my ears feel a little funky. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to 100% since I have to work till 2 AM.

Now for some really good news. I know I’ve posted a lot of bad stuff happening and this one is good… Sorta. So I got a letter in the mail today that looked rather a lot like the notifications of my bank account being overdrawn. I opened it with dread thinking I don’t remember going into the red (money has been tight since the great bed bug extermination and will be tight until I get these loans paid off… which is February…) so I open the envelope and  there is a letter from my bank (which has been bought by another bank) telling me that my Visa Debit Card Rewards program will no longer accrue reward points after July 31, 2016,

Wait… What?? I have a rewards program with my debit card? When did that happen? How come no one told me? So I log into the reward program and I’ve got 18,000+ points. Now having been a member of a reward point system way back when I had a Borders Rewards Visa, it took thousands of points to get $5 off my next book purchase. So I’m thinking that 18,000 isn’t a whole lot of points until I start looking at the rewards. 18,000 is a decent amount of points. I can get a $100 Amazon gift card, DOOM and Overwatch for 17,000 points. These are just the points on my debit card. I wanna see the points my husband has. He uses his much more than I use mine. I haven’t been impulsive and spent my points. I want to talk to my husband first, see how much we have together and then we can decide where to spend the points.

The Amazon gift card is awesome though.


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