PokeTracker Has Lost Its Quarry

I wanted to point out that I have played Pokemon Go without resorting to a tracking app or spending any in-game money. Now before you think I’m all high and mighty I also want to point out that I had 0 problems, nada, with anyone who used outside apps or spent money in-game. My problem is listening to people say that Pokemon Go is now unplayable without an outside tracking app. 

Yes the in-game tracker is still broken, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stop playing? What happened to the just getting out to the parks and hitting up Pokestops and taking over gyms? The problem was PokeVision told you exactly where the Pokemon was, and how long it would be there. All you had to do was jump into your car and drive to the location, open the app, catch the Pokemon and go home.

I saw a Growlithe on my tracker yesterday, I drove (I was taking over gyms) in circles looking for him. I didn’t catch him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop playing.

Pokemon Go Informer


Wal-Mart Sucks!

I usually don’t shop at Wal-Mart anymore. I go there only when I can’t wait 2 days for Amazon to deliver it (such as printer ink, I needed to print something and get it mailed today) so while I was there getting printer ink, my daughter spied a bicycle she wanted.

It was on the top shelf and listed for $79.99. I told her to wait until I got paid and I’d buy her the bicycle. So we go back Friday and the bike is still there, still on the top shelf. We get an associate to bring it down and the bike is rusted and the chain cover dented. I fully expected a few dollars to be knocked off. The associate tells me they have another bike in the back and if I’d like it. I say sure. The ask if I wanted an assembled one, I reply yes I want an assembled bike. So they leave and I wait and about the 30 minute mark (I was tooling on Facebook which made the wait seem not as long) it dawns on me they had to be assembling the bike. The problem is I didn’t have time to wait on Friday. I had to go to work! What bothered me was they didn’t ask if I had time to wait for them to assemble a bike, and if they had said, “We have to assemble it for you.” I’d have said thank you and then said I’d come back on Saturday to pick it up. After waiting 40 minutes I had to leave.
So today (Saturday) I take my daughter back to Wal-Mart and the bike (neither the rusted/dented one or the new assembled one) are not on the display. I wind up telling my story to two associates (neither which offer to go look in the back for the bicycles) and then get referred to a manager who tells me that if the bike is not on the display they don’t have it. That was his story and he was sticking to it. He says that if I come back and see the bicycle he’ll give me $5 off the price for my trouble. 

Pokémon Go & Dog Walking

Took the girls with me to go Pokestop visiting. The park next to my house has 4 Pokestops and a gym. I wore them out pretty good. On the way back my Shih Tzu, Auriel, kept trying to lay down.

We did some photos at the park. Kept trying to take a selfie with the dogs but I couldn’t convince them both to look forward with my back to them.
Got the gym at the park to Level 5 and dropped in my Snorlax.
The Snorlax is currently my best Pokémon. I’m currently starved for stardust to level up the others. I hatched him from a 10 km egg. I hatched an Evee from a 10km egg and there was much nerd raging. 
The real funny thing is I’m wishing I had a higher energy dog so I that I could take longer walks or even take the dog with me to ride my bike. I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything though. Maggie (beagle) after over 4 months of living with us has finally seemed to finally become one of the family. She brought me a tennis ball two days ago wanting to play. This was a first. I still want to do scent training with her.


Trust & Family

Sam & Dean Winchester

The main thing I’ve loved about Supernatural is the relationship between Sam & Dean. Dean is hot as hell, and pre-Hell he had some awesome zingers. I’m tempted to rewatch SPN and write down all his best lines. I keep watching because I have such a longing for the relationship that Sam & Dean have, basically it is a love story that I have never experienced. A story of love between brothers but ultimately a love between siblings.

I have a sibling, only one, his name is Rob. He’s two years older than I am. I dunno how he feels about me but I have no love for him. We’re in our upper thirties now (Dean is my brother’s age and Sam is two years younger than me I think, and I wish I was their in-between sister) and you’d think that we’d at least have a better relationship, having matured and seeing how you do or do not treat someone. I feel like I’ve done nothing to make my brother treat me the way he does. Maybe I have and I don’t remember it. In my memory my brother was our mother’s favorite. I’ll recall a memory here:

When we lived in Fredericktown I was in the 4-7th grade. In 4th or 5th grade my mother worked nights and got home around 9-ish. We had to be up at 6:30 and on the bus (Rob walked to his school it was across the street) by 7:30. Mom would get mad at me for not waking my brother up in the morning to go to school. Mad as in she would punish me because my brother wouldn’t get up on his own. The problem was Rob wouldn’t listen to me, he wouldn’t get up. (I dumped water on his head one morning and he beat me up.) I had this choice of what was worse, spankings or grounding from my mom when I got home from school or getting beat up for trying to wake my brother in the morning. I often chose the former because if I was lucky I’d get grounded. Now I’ve said that to say this: One day my mother took me out to lunch. We went to a local diner and when we got there, everyone knew her by name, and she was on first name basis with the owner. The owner came over and said, “Where’s Rob?” I dunno why he wasn’t with us. “Who’s this?” The owner asked.
“My daughter, Becky,” she introduced me to the owner.
“I didn’t know you had a daughter.” It was explained to me that all those mornings that Rob wouldn’t get up in the morning, my mother would take him to breakfast at this diner before she took him to school.

I once tried to express my feelings of Rob being the favorite to my Grandmother and she said that I was her favorite. She tells this story about how Rob asked Mom to make him Ham N Beans and she poured water into a pot, added the beans, thrust the ham bone in it and said, “Here’s your Ham N Beans!” The weren’t cooked.

My dad says that my mother played Rob and I against each other. This I can believe but let I’ve never stolen a dryer from my brother. He has stolen one from me. I had an extra washer and dryer being stored at our Aunt Debbie’s. His dryer broke and he asked if I had one. I said I did, I offered to sell it to him for $50 I think. He said it wasn’t worth it. Then Dad called me and then Grandma called me and Rob’s girlfriend called me. I stuck to my guns. If he wanted this dryer he needed to cough up $50 for it. The next day I got a phone call from Aunt Debbie who said very sternly that I should’ve let her know that Rob was coming to get the dryer. I informed her he wasn’t. She then told me that Rob had showed up, said I gave him the dryer, and he took it. I never saw my $50. A friend of his needed a washer and he asked if I still had the washer and I flat out lied, nope. This happened in early 2000’s.

The statement I’m trying to make is why does my brother treat me like this? Why would he do this to me? We’re siblings, he’s supposed to be there for me. We’re supposed to be close and love each other. Why can’t he be my Dean?

Let’s talk about older stuff. When we were kids my mother gave us each a cookie and a half. Rob ate his whole cookie but I still had my cookie and half. He offered to trade me my whole cookie for his half. I was small. He convinced me I would still have the same amount.

I needed a new car. So Rob convinced me to buy this 1978 Ford Bronco that he wanted. I drove it for a couple months and the belts broke. My dad fixed it, and then again they broke, but forcing the truck home ruptured the transmission lines. So my dad said why don’t I drive his Mercury Cougar while he drove the Bronco because he could work on it at his work. I agreed. Couple weeks later he says he traded the Bronco to Rob for the “Red Truck” (it was an old truck with a utility bed). I drove that Cougar for over a year, until my wedding day. My dad asked to borrow it, his date to my reception couldn’t ride in the dirty “Red Truck.” I never saw the Cougar again.

As you can tell I have multiple reasons for not being very trusting in family. My brother asked to borrow $1000. Said he needed it for a downpayment for his girlfriend to have her own salon. This was a Friday and he said he could pay me back on Monday. I agreed. (This was 2010.) I waited 2 weeks called him up 3 Mondays later and asked for that $1000. He hung up on me, wouldn’t talk to me. Finally said he never borrowed money from me. Our dad was the one who convinced me to give him the money.

So now let’s talk about the present. I gave my husband permission to buy a 2000 Ford Explorer with 175,000 miles on it for $650. We took it yesterday to be state safety inspected. It drove there, drove into the garage, but they couldn’t get it started. Said it wasn’t getting any fuel pressure. Said I needed a new fuel pump. This is Telle Tire, a shop I’ve talked about in an older post. My Blazer So the combination of my dad and brother have offered to replace the fuel pump, ball joint and tire (so it will run and pass inspection). I’m so worried that my brother will lie to me that the engine blew or something so he can get a free working Explorer with low miles. This anxiety is making me sick to my stomach and I’ve been on the edge of tears all day.

The relationship between my brother and I should’ve never come to the point that I expect him to try to cheat me or lie to me.

Storms & Power Outages

Nearly 10 years ago (almost to the exact day) in July of 2006 Saint Louis was slammed by two of the worst storms in Ameren UE’s 104 year history. The first storm knocked out power from 300,000 homes. The second placed nearly 1.1. million people without power. I actually blogged about this in 2006 (that blog is gone, I tried to see if I had exported it). We lived in an apartment and lost power in the first storm, and unlike some who gained power and then lost it again in the second storm, we just stayed without power for 3 days. Some went as long as 2 weeks without power. Saint Louis was completely sold out of generators.

I had guinea pigs, probably about a dozen and no a/c in the hottest time of the year (it got into the 90’s in the apartment) and I had no idea how to keep them cool except to put them in the bathtub. I remember being a part of an e-mail group for guinea pig owners and this one guy going on about how hard the power outage had been for him and I didn’t, but I wanted to say I was still without power. 
Anyway I remember seeing these long convoys of Ameren UE trucks as they just traveled from neighborhood to neighborhood restoring power, most of them working around the clock. We eventually wound up staying at my aunt Debbie’s. She had only lost power for 24 hours and didn’t lose it in the second storm (her subdivision’s power lines are buried so they usually aren’t affected by storms.) 
That first day in the apartment was tough. I would just lay there on the bed in my bra and sweat. I couldn’t sleep it was too hot, and I was working nights in 2006 so I had to try to sleep during the day. The last two days we didn’t have power we stayed at Aunt Debbie’s because she had power and we stayed in her basement where it is nice and cool, but this was the big kicker: Aunt Debbie had power, but she doesn’t use her air conditioning unless it gets really hot in the house. (Let me take a moment to drive home my point. We picked up the kids from Aunt Debbie’s because we didn’t have a/c, ours had broke, and she wasn’t even using hers. It was 85° outside. She said, “Well it isn’t really that hot out.” We keep our house at 72° year round.) So her house was only moderately cooler than my apartment, her basement was the coolest place of all. True 85° is better than 95°.
So having told that story. Yesterday, a bad storm came through and about 3:30 pm we lost power. We were without power for about 20 hours this time, just long enough to lose everything in the fridge, freezer was okay. Had to sleep in the basement where it was cooler, but it was so humid that it made my rat cages noticeably smelly. Now that the a/c is back on and the humidity down, the cages don’t smell that bad, I’m still gonna clean them though. My back and neck hurt from sleeping on the couch with my husband. Because I couldn’t charge my phone I didn’t chase any Pokémon. Kept my phone on power saver the whole time.
My work never lost power, The other restaurants around us, lost power. We had a rush that started at 5 PM and didn’t stop until 12 AM when we finally closed drive-thru. There was only down time long enough to get a drink and once use the bathroom. None of us got breaks. I didn’t even get to eat until 12 AM when we finally closed and I inhaled a chicken sandwich that got made by accident. We didn’t get a single pre-close item started. Normally you have enough time between orders to stock the condiments, wipe everything down and wash the tea urns. None of this got started until after I ate my sandwich. We clocked out at nearly 2 AM.

So today I’m grumpy, I’m sleepy. I’m sore. Power came on around 12 PM. My husband has been texting me all morning about how he came across a 2000 Ford Explorer for $650. I gave him the go-ahead to buy it. I got the money from the bank for it. He seems to keep forgetting I have to work today. He wanted me to meet him at work at 5 PM (I had to remind him that I have to be at work at 5 PM). Now he wants me to meet him and bring him the $650 for the truck. I don’t want to go anywhere. I have to leave in an hour for work. Thankfully tonight is a 6 hour shift so I can get home and get to bed. After tonight I close the next 3 shifts.

Hypocrisy @ Work

I accepted that I was a hypocrite with the whole break thing. I work a 6 hour shift, I’m entitled to a break (and I don’t get smoke breaks because I don’t smoke) but most often I’ve learned to just eat when I can. Well one Sunday I was scheduled 11-8. I didn’t get a break and we were shorthanded that some others didn’t get breaks either. A manager left early and we didn’t have an inside sandwich person either. So I did as I’d been taught/told/learned, I ate between serving guests. Another girl wanted her break and told a manager. She mentioned to me that at least I got to sit down for a break and I had to explain to her that I hadn’t gotten a break. I had just ate between guests. I found later that she was only scheduled a 6 hour shift.

When I first started at my new job in April I was appalled at how lazy my coworkers were. One girl would sit in the drive thru on the floor and watch movies on Netflix on her phone with earbuds in between taking orders! Other crew have photographed this! I expected a small amount of laziness but my work is mind blowing about how little people do and how much they’re on their phones! The girl who made inside sandwiches would play Candy Crush! Another girl was constantly on Facebook. As soon as the guests were done, out came the cell phones!

So Pokemon Go came out and suddenly the people who weren’t on their cell phones constantly, suddenly are! Myself included, I won’t take a high road on this. I love Pokemon Go. When my managers (who also play) say there is a something something over at a location, yeah I pull out my phone (between guests) and chase after it.

So tonight, these girls who are constantly on their phones made a show of them not being on their phones while we, the Pokemon Go players, were.

I got called into work tonight. Today was my day off to chase Pokemon. They wanted someone (I was going to say needed but honestly no one likes to do my job) to close the dining room (which is my job and when I’m not there, no one is scheduled to to do it) and I agreed.

So we had an inside sandwich person, a drive thru sandwich person, a fryer person, a front cash and back cash person, the only thing we didn’t have after 8 was coordinators (people who assemble the orders). It wound up being an Us versus Them night. The girls who didn’t have Pokemon Go complained about us who did. (I actually didn’t spend that much time on Pokemon Go, I showed my coworkers my current completed project on crocheting.) Basically the girls who didn’t have Pokemon Go complained to management about me because I wasn’t helping them. (This is the same girl who Friday got mad at me for helping the inside people and the same one who took the orders and made the drinks and just stood there doing nothing until she had to take another order.) She made several snide remarks about my chatting and being on my phone instead of helping guests. I admit I did chat with the manager between guests and as soon as I noticed I had guests I ran to help them.

The thing is I really didn’t care what they were saying or thought. Normally I obsess over what others think of me. However the guilt trip I’m immune to. My mother was the guilt tripping queen. I used to do things because I felt bad for her. I can usually tell when someone really needs help or if they’re just boohooing themselves for help.

I’m sorta venting but I just found this amusing.

Sooooo Much to Talk About

Let’s talk Pokemon Go! Okay, I’ve only been really able to catch at work and at home. I rode my bike today to farm pokestops at the nearby park while I tried to figure out how the gym worked nearest me. It is currently owned by Team Instinct. So tomorrow I plan to go out and go visit pokestops and gyms and hopefully find some more pokemon. I’m more into collecting them rather than fighting because I still can’t figure out how the battles work. I suck so bad at it. Also I feel bad because I’m on a Team Mystic – STL group and they all have so much better pokemon than I do. I honestly don’t need to be the best but I do want to be able to compete with my peers. Pokemon Go only has been out for 3 days, but I will admit that it has gotten me to move more than anything else. My feet hurt from Pokemon Go! My best pokemon right now is a Pinsir I caught at work.

Next item up for discussion: Conspiracy Theorist Guy (CTG) just told me today that the TV show the Odd Couple is based on his ex-girlfriend’s life. (The movie Life of Brian is supposed to be based off his life.) He tells me that his ex-girlfriend (8 years ago btw) married her ex’s brother. He discovered this because it was mentioned in an Odd Couple episode. According to him, Teri Hatcher is a cousin of his and plays his ex-girlfriend’s role in the Odd Couple. Now I’ve never seen the Odd Couple and I doubt much of what he says is related to him. I still enjoy him and enjoy listening to him. However when I discuss conspiracy theories, all his boil down to one ultimate end: To make Bush (George H.) president.

Okay on the theme of co-workers… I’ve been working drive-thru more often and the last two times I’ve worked drive-thru I’ve had to work with two different people. Now I’m 35 years old, I don’t quite take to things as efficiently as I did when I was 16 (last time I worked a drive-thru) so I’m having trouble multi-tasking and remembering everything. So the last two nights I’ve worked the back cashier spot, which means I take the money and hand out the drinks. Another girl takes the orders and makes the drinks. The girl I worked with last night did nothing except that. Well until she got mad at me for helping other positions. This is all she did, she’d take orders, make the drinks and when there were no more orders to take or drinks to make she’d just lean against the ice cream machine with her hands in her pockets. It didn’t matter how busy everyone else was, she just stood there. So I’m doing the back cash thing and I’m waiting on my food to be made. I look over at the inside counter and their food is up, so I go and assemble a counter order. Well apparently the drive thru food got made eventually and she got mad and suddenly did my job. It IS so HARD to just stand there and do nothing.

So TONIGHT I’m with a different girl but she got all butt-hurt over Pokemon Go. She doesn’t have or want Pokemon Go, and she complains that those of us who have it are on our phones all the time. So I looked up at her and asked: What is the difference of us being on Pokemon Go while you’re on Facebook?
And after that she spent the rest of the night not talking and she took it out on the guests (also the girl last night wasn’t too friendly either) and wouldn’t even greet them. She’d just say: I can take your order.
What really bothered me was she just kept saying that if she heard anymore Pokemon Go talk she was just gonna leave. I so badly wanted to say: Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
If it bothers you that much CHANGE THE FUCKING SUBJECT!