Hypocrisy @ Work

I accepted that I was a hypocrite with the whole break thing. I work a 6 hour shift, I’m entitled to a break (and I don’t get smoke breaks because I don’t smoke) but most often I’ve learned to just eat when I can. Well one Sunday I was scheduled 11-8. I didn’t get a break and we were shorthanded that some others didn’t get breaks either. A manager left early and we didn’t have an inside sandwich person either. So I did as I’d been taught/told/learned, I ate between serving guests. Another girl wanted her break and told a manager. She mentioned to me that at least I got to sit down for a break and I had to explain to her that I hadn’t gotten a break. I had just ate between guests. I found later that she was only scheduled a 6 hour shift.

When I first started at my new job in April I was appalled at how lazy my coworkers were. One girl would sit in the drive thru on the floor and watch movies on Netflix on her phone with earbuds in between taking orders! Other crew have photographed this! I expected a small amount of laziness but my work is mind blowing about how little people do and how much they’re on their phones! The girl who made inside sandwiches would play Candy Crush! Another girl was constantly on Facebook. As soon as the guests were done, out came the cell phones!

So Pokemon Go came out and suddenly the people who weren’t on their cell phones constantly, suddenly are! Myself included, I won’t take a high road on this. I love Pokemon Go. When my managers (who also play) say there is a something something over at a location, yeah I pull out my phone (between guests) and chase after it.

So tonight, these girls who are constantly on their phones made a show of them not being on their phones while we, the Pokemon Go players, were.

I got called into work tonight. Today was my day off to chase Pokemon. They wanted someone (I was going to say needed but honestly no one likes to do my job) to close the dining room (which is my job and when I’m not there, no one is scheduled to to do it) and I agreed.

So we had an inside sandwich person, a drive thru sandwich person, a fryer person, a front cash and back cash person, the only thing we didn’t have after 8 was coordinators (people who assemble the orders). It wound up being an Us versus Them night. The girls who didn’t have Pokemon Go complained about us who did. (I actually didn’t spend that much time on Pokemon Go, I showed my coworkers my current completed project on crocheting.) Basically the girls who didn’t have Pokemon Go complained to management about me because I wasn’t helping them. (This is the same girl who Friday got mad at me for helping the inside people and the same one who took the orders and made the drinks and just stood there doing nothing until she had to take another order.) She made several snide remarks about my chatting and being on my phone instead of helping guests. I admit I did chat with the manager between guests and as soon as I noticed I had guests I ran to help them.

The thing is I really didn’t care what they were saying or thought. Normally I obsess over what others think of me. However the guilt trip I’m immune to. My mother was the guilt tripping queen. I used to do things because I felt bad for her. I can usually tell when someone really needs help or if they’re just boohooing themselves for help.

I’m sorta venting but I just found this amusing.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

Mom. Wife. Author. Geek. Gamer. Dreamer. Coffee Drinker. Animal Lover. Vodka Slave.

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