PokeTracker Has Lost Its Quarry

I wanted to point out that I have played Pokemon Go without resorting to a tracking app or spending any in-game money. Now before you think I’m all high and mighty I also want to point out that I had 0 problems, nada, with anyone who used outside apps or spent money in-game. My problem is listening to people say that Pokemon Go is now unplayable without an outside tracking app. 

Yes the in-game tracker is still broken, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stop playing? What happened to the just getting out to the parks and hitting up Pokestops and taking over gyms? The problem was PokeVision told you exactly where the Pokemon was, and how long it would be there. All you had to do was jump into your car and drive to the location, open the app, catch the Pokemon and go home.

I saw a Growlithe on my tracker yesterday, I drove (I was taking over gyms) in circles looking for him. I didn’t catch him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop playing.

Pokemon Go Informer


Author: Ransacked Turnip

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