Review: A Murder in Time

A Murder in Time
A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It took some time to decide to give it 3 or 4 stars. I want to read the next book because I didn’t like how the book ended. It felt unresolved, I had unanswered questions. Of course the murderer was found it was a historical fictional whodunit with a bit of a modern twist on it (being that the girl who solves the crime in 1815 is an FBI Profiler from 2016).

It began badly as a book, it really didn’t pique my interest until the body had been found. However once we got into the meat and potatoes of the mystery of trying to figure out who the murderer is, the book actually became quite good. Then it kinda just ended abruptly, I had only a partial sense of closure, just from the conclusion of the murder investigation. The book is said to the be the first of a series: Kendra Donovan Book #1.

Then there were the convenient things. Kendra Donovan gets transported to 1815 in exact period clothing, down to the underpinnings. She befriends a genteel lady who is an advocate of women’s lib. The Duke who owns the castle is a kindly man of science. She looks like the murder victim.

The downside is I didn’t become partial to any of the characters and this didn’t allow me to become attached to the book.

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Review: Inferno

Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I discovered this book existed because of the trailer for the upcoming movie and like all of the Robert Langdon movies I like to read the book first. I loved the book. It was riveting. It was a page turner (I listened on audio and actually got back into crocheting just to find an excuse to listen to it) I couldn’t wait for the final reveal and in fact there were two reveals, both were surprising and I didn’t foresee them at all.

As always I enjoy the trip through the art and history world in search of the clues to lead Langdon to whatever he is searching. Mr. Brown gives great descriptions and yet quite often I wanted to google the paintings or buildings they were visiting just to see them.


The movie was DaVinci Code meets Plague Inc. In the end I was so reminded of the way I play Plague Inc, I keep my symptoms unevolved until I infect the whole world.

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