Craziness @ Work

I posted the video of Steve Hughs being offended because apparently I offended someone at work last night. I bumped into him. Physically. We were both standing next to the condiment station assembling orders and I had a bag with a salad in it that needed napkins and a fork and knife. So I leaned over to grab the fork and bumped him. I personally thought nothing of it. I bump into people and things all the time I’m so uncoordinated. Suddenly he says to me in a rapid fire, “So you’re just gonna walk over me? You’re not even gonna say excuse me? You’re ignorant as fuck!” He then walks away. So I finish the order and I’m looking around for the guy. He’s in the office talking to the manager.
After he left the office I walked back to the office and asked if the guy had just complained about me and the manager said, “Yeah. He said he was tired of your shit.”
“Because I bumped into him?”
“Well like yeah, I tried to explain we bump into each other all the time.”
“Now did he say I bumped into him or did I push him?” I was worried he might lie about the situation.
“No, he said you bumped into him and didn’t say excuse me.”
Only the craziness didn’t end there. So the guy turns to me and says, “Can you watch this so I can take a break?”
“Are you going on break or just…” The guy has a tendency to cut people off mid-statement.
“No I just want to go eat and move my truck.”
“You need to eat between orders.” We were in the middle of handing out an order. “You should’ve ate in the downtime before this order. If you want to go on break, you have to talk to {Manager} it is up to him if you can go.” So we hand out that round of orders and there isn’t another car at the speaker and I say, “Go now, go eat now.” I forgot what he responded with but he didn’t go eat. He leaves the store. He comes in a few minutes later without his uniform shirt on and a tee shirt on instead. It wasn’t even a solid color, had Donald Duck on it or something.
The manager said, “Hey, dude! You can’t wear that. Where is your uniform shirt?” The guy replies he got hot. The manager sends him back out to get his uniform shirt.
So we closed at 1, around midnight the guy keeps telling everyone he’s about done stocking and he’s gonna leave. I’m so WTF at this moment. He keeps asking the manager if he can leave because everything is stocked and the manager keeps telling him we’re not even closed yet.
Then the final whackadoo was when I was trying to clean the ice cream machine. So CTG (Conspiracy Theorist Guy) was telling me about how he thinks he may have spotted his ex-girlfriend. He’s been pining for her for almost 12 years. Wants me to give him tips on how to find her. Apparently she kicked him out, called him a couple days later, he never got the message until it was too late, and has regretted it ever since. The crazy guy just bursts into our conversation, talking over CTG until we’re forced to stop talking and listen to him. (And he says I’m discourteous.) So he tells us about how this other guy everytime he passes, leans in close and stares him in the eyes (an obvious intimidation move) and how the guy wasn’t gonna take anymore of it. We listen to him run out of wind and then CTG and I continue on our conversation currently in progress.

Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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