No Man’s Sky or Why Can’t I Sprint or AutoWalk???

So I saw the trailer for No Man’s Sky after a friend of mine said he just bought a PS4 just to play No Man’s Sky. Well the trailer is fantastic looking. Looks like World of Warcraft but in space exploration and no other players (even though I’ve heard they are there).

I usually don’t pay full price for games (except WoW, bought all those expansions at full price, pre-ordered even). Fallout 4, DOOM and XCOM 2 were all bought for around $30 each. I paid the $60 for No Man’s Sky and I love it, found it totally worth it.

The landscapes are lovely, the ship even looks sexy, you have to explore and collect items. The planets are huge and I love the fact you can feed the wildlife. The game is addictive because I want to explore more and more, I want to be able to buy better starships. I also want to try to encounter another player. The game is very immersive.

Sunken Outpost

However the game has a few faults that really bug me. You WALK, no sprinting. If you want to travel faster, get in your ship. On my starting planet I needed a blue mineral to repair my thrusters and was forced to walk 5 minutes to the node, and 5 minutes back to the ship. I really wouldn’t complain this much if the game had an auto-walk where I didn’t have to hold down the W key for 5 minutes straight!

I also got lost in a cave system for an hour… I was trying to find animals, and figured there might be some cave critters.

The other fault is the tutorial kinda sucks. ATLAS is the tutorial and thank goodness I chose the ATLAS route because even with the “tutorial” I was still lost, asking my friend who is much further along in the game than I am things like, “Where do I find antimatter?” He says you craft it. I explain I don’t have the recipe and I don’t know where to get it. He asks if I’m doing the tutorial, I asked, “What tutorial?” It really isn’t obviously a tutorial, more like a string of quests that are vague. A tutorial should teach you how to play the game.

I read another blog post about No Man’s Sky and they said that people have already beat the game. I didn’t even know the game could be beaten. I assumed it was infinite exploration and survival. Apparently to beat the game you reach the “Center.” It is gonna take me months to get there. I’ve been playing for 3 days, and only on my 3rd planet.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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