Let’s Talk August

So I’ve been blogging even my personal thoughts and feelings, usually shit reserved for my ink and paper journal. The thing is I’m not worried about defending myself from haters (don’t have any yet, or fans for that matter) because I accept that people are gonna hate me. Take work for instance, there is a girl at work who hates me. I’m not sure why, but when I discussed it with a manager he told me she has hated me ever since I was called in on my day off to close the dining room and dining room was dead but drive thru was busy and I didn’t help her in drive thru, I was in fact talking to manager, I wasn’t talking shop, just socializing and and because of that she’s hated me ever since. We don’t socialize, she never addresses me by name (which I brought up recently to her) and I don’t ask her for her manager override abilities (which she has gotten mad at me about also) and I generally avoid her.

However let’s talk August.

2016 has been almost as bad as 2015. Of course in 2015 I was suicidal, hospitalized, and diagnosed with depression . I lost a job I loved, lost almost everyone I called friend. In September the police broke down the door and raided the house, put everyone but Jacqueline in cuffs, and searched the house. My brother in law who lived rent free for 2 years was caught downloading child pornograpghy and molested my 12 year old daughter.
So when I think that was it. We’d managed to survive. 2016 comes and Paul gets a raise. We lost our eligibility for state assistance with insurance for the kids. So instead of paying  $28 a month, we now pay $230 a month for insurance for the kids. April we discovered we had bedbugs. Borrowed money to have them treated by an exterminator.
Computer’s motherboard fried. Paid $200 for a new one, it fried again. Bought a used truck for Paul to drive since the Chrysler is getting high in miles. The used truck has been sitting at my brother’s for a month. He says now the engine is knocking really bad. Paul’s Chrysler is now idling heavy.

Then on top of everything I’ve discovered our entire house has no ground. None of the outlets have grounds except the one in the laundry room where the washer plugs in. Not the kitchen or bathroom outlets, NONE of them. I tried to call an electrician to find out how much it will cost to ground some outlets. I replaced the 2 prong outlet our computer plugs in with a GCFI outlet and then plugged the surge protector into that.

However a silver lining is that the computer has been fixed as far as we know, and the Explorer is finally done, and Andrew turned 16 this year on the 24th, and we aren’t as broke as I thought we’ve been.

Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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