Hello September!

So we all know that August sucked for me. So I’m hoping that September is better. It is also the month that Autumn begins. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year and Halloween my 2nd favorite holiday. (International Talk Like a Pirate Day is my favorite holiday. September 19th.)
Last night I discovered I’d been hired for a new job so goodbye old stressor, the one I’ve been blogging about for MONTHS. I need to go back through and ad tags to the posts. Makes it easier for me to sort through them. So I wrote out and drew up my 2 week notice today to the fast food company I work for. I was polite and honest in it, stating that I was leaving to pursue another position in a different field. However last night there were some changes at work. (I actually had to pause in this post to go back and write up about a week’s worth of events I hadn’t posted about.) See: Racism @ Work Part 2
So last night I noticed a change in Wanda. I even commented on it. She called me by name and I was totally pleasant, even thanked her for doing something for me. Instead of demanding people bring her ice cream mix or ice she said please and if someone gets the time. I was informed by management that Wanda had been told to find a new job if she continued on being the old Wanda. I smiled and said, “I like new Wanda.”
My new job is at a gas station. The upside is $0.75 more an hour. After watching Adam Ruins Everything: Work, I freely talk about how much I make an hour at my fast food job. The shift is better, 10-6 or 2-10, so no more 2 AM closing shifts. The downside is the drive is a little further, takes me 8 minutes to get to my fast food job, and 18 minutes to the gas station.
Here is a crossed fingers to a much better September and hopefully my blog will be filled with more good stuff than bad stuff. 

Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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