Racism @ Work… Again

I almost didn’t blog about racism @ work, again. However I’m going to go ahead and get my feelings out there. I’m of Polish and Dutch descent, so yes, I’m white. I came from a racist and prejudiced background and I’ve tried to overcome that. I’ve tried to teach my kids to not see skin color. However in the world we live in, I feel ashamed for feeling outraged when someone calls me racist or when someone of minority descent makes racist remarks. I’m outraged when a white person makes racist remarks, but I don’t feel ashamed about that.

Remember Shariah? She’s the one who said she wished she could rip out my voice box. So I had to work with her, and we’ve this new guy, Mason, whom I adore. Believe it or not, he’s a black man, and as of tonight, he’s my newest hero. So the manager, Mason and I are just laughing and talking and having a good time.
Shariah walks up to the conversation and tells Mason he’s white. Mason shrugs, brushes it off, and we continue on our conversation. She then proceeds to tell everyone that white people talk too much and she hates white people. We sort of ignored her. I pay no attention to Shariah anymore, I don’t need her negativity in my life. I’ve officially put in my two week notice so I only have to deal with her until the 17th.
She keeps needling Mason about being white and how he doesn’t shut up. By this point she’s following him around the store. She also keeps reminding everyone she hates white people. Mason finally turns to her and says, “I’m too intelligent to be a color.” I practically cheered and applauded him. That will be my new motto. I’m too intelligent to be a color.
I honestly think deep down, Shariah was upset she wasn’t apart of our conversation. She is the one who keeps walking around telling everyone how stressed out she is and how she’s hungry. The two most common sentences out of her mouth are, “I’m stressed out.” & “I’m hungry.”
While looking for an image to start my post with I actually stumbled across this powerpoint on Linkedin and after looking through it, gave me the courage to write today about racism. You really should check it out.

Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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