Workplace Trolls & Other Stuff

I missed a day of work from my fast food job when I was trying to transition from fast food to c-store, and apparently I missed more of Shariah (voicebox ripper girl) picking on Mason (my hero.) When he came into work last night he asked her, “So what adjunct am I today?” I was not part of the conversation.

“What?” She asked.
“What adjunct am I today? First I was white, then gay, so what am I today?” Apparently Shariah called him gay the day I missed work. Shariah didn’t answer him. She did however spend the shift going on about how she hates fat people. Shariah is 5’2″ and probably weighs a 100 lbs. She didn’t get fat people, she doesn’t know how people allow themselves to get that fat. I wanted to tell her that some people have medical issues (such as thyroid problems) and that is a reason for their obesity. Or it is genetic (where the body lacks the signal of feeling full), or even self medicating (eating makes us happy, that is why we eat). I eventually got tired of listening to her (I’m overweight and I know exactly why) and said, “Because I love food and I hate to exercise.”
While in the middle of writing this I actually paused and tried to figure out what word best describes Shariah. She says negative things to elicit a response, such as walking around saying she hates white people or fat people, and it took me a bit to realize she’s a troll. I honestly usually don’t come across trolls outside of the internet anymore.
I found this article: Dealing With Workplace Trolls
Now for the other stuff. So in April I borrowed $1900 from my grandfather to treat the bedbugs in the house. I’ve been paying him back every month either $100 or $200, I currently still owe him $1300. Apparently my daughter told my family about our car problems, like we spent $650 on a Ford Explorer that required almost $600 with the work (we got have of that done for free) and now it is on its last legs (wheels?). It has started taking longer to crank to get it to start, and it knocks after it has been running for awhile. Then my husband’s Chrysler is running rough, engine also knocks. So my grandfather calls me and says I don’t have to pay back the loan, to use that money to buy a new car. My best friend says that is a great, but I’m feeling that way. We just bought a new car, that Ford Explorer (well new to us.) Then there is the paying back the money part. When my husband and I borrow money, we pay it back. We’ve never defaulted on a loan. I asked my husband how long have we lived in our house, 4 years, he says. “How many times have we been late on the mortgage in 4 years?”
I have issues with my brother. Yes, he came through, he replaced the fuel pump and a ball joint in the Explorer, but there is just so much he needs to make up for, and then there are somethings he can’t make up for, he won’t even admit to it. However one thing my brother does not do it pay back money. He borrowed $1000 from me and never paid it back. My grandfather says that Rob borrows money all the time and is real bad about paying him back and this was my chance to prove that I am better at something than my brother. (I’m actually a lot better than my brother at a lot of things, I’m better at being kind, better looking, I can crochet better, write better, teach better, better at being creative…) However this was my chance to prove to my family that I was better than my brother at something. My brother is the golden boy of the family, and I’m like some sort of afterthought like, “Oh that’s right, he has a sister, we should invite her to the family functions too.” (It isn’t really like that, but that is how I feel.)
Let’s talk how estranged I am from my family. I see most of them only on Thanksgiving & Christmas, and I want to point out that all of them live with in 40 minutes or less of me. My brother sees them all the time. He goes hunting or fishing or farting around at the ‘farm.’ My grandfather has 80 acres in Ste Genevieve. I have never been there and don’t even know where it is located exactly. I only know it is in Ste Genevieve. I’ve never been invited to go to the farm. Or for my grandfather’s birthday the family gets together every year at their favorite restaurant called Crusoe’s. I’ve only ever gone twice and only ever been invited four times, not since I’ve been married, I mean ever.

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