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My husband got a new car yesterday. It is a 2012 Hyundai Genesis, 84,000 miles. It is luxurious, but it also seems like a base model. It is the old body style, they changed it in 2013 I think.
Michael Weatherly as Logan “Eyes Only” Cale
NaNoWriMo is coming up and though I thought I was going to start with No Man’s Sky fan fiction, I might be going back to writing about vampires. I was watching Dark Angel yesterday, sort of had a Michael Weatherly day, I’d been watching NCIS, trying to catch up to the new season (I’m on Season 10) and got the urge to watch Dark Angel. Even though Michael Weatherly is second billed in the cast and eventually Max’s love interest, he plays a surprisingly small role in the first several episodes. I watched Season 1 of Dark Angel when it first came out in 2000 but I missed all of season 2. I watched it for Michael Weatherly’s character. I had a crush on him. I actually used his image for a character I had in a VtM RP (Vampire the Masquerade Role Play) I just can’t remember the chat room or the parent site. I even tried to google information about RP rooms in the 2000’s.
My character was Clifford Anezka. He was a vampire accountant. He kept the books, laundered money and often served as an alibi for other vampires. Anezka was basically a played NPC, but it was fun, but sadly most were interested in my other more common characters, one was an assassin, another a Justicar. Still I had a dream about vampires night before last and I got to thinking about Anezka’s character and if I should brush the dust off him. This is the only saved RP set I have and it is only a couple posts between myself (Clifford Anezka) and my friend Serena (Seonaid.) Anezka-Seonaid
Now the dream I had was vampires take over a post-apocalyptic world and rule it, but because they’re no longer hiding in the shadows, they’re creating too many other vampires and the new vampires are basically no more than feral dogs fighting over the scraps of humanity. However some older vampires not exactly wanting things the way they were before, but recognize that too many vampires = less food to go around. I figured I’d dust off my favorite vampires, Marcus Faust & Dante Seraphim, and bring out Darion and write about this for NaNoWriMo. Just dunno if I can make it a 50,000 word novel.
Now for work blurb. I’m going on vacation in 5 shifts. I need a break from work because I’m starting to get burned out. I’m starting to want to call in (I haven’t yet) but I’m not wanting to go to work. I want to stay home and binge NCIS, Dark Angel, play video games, and read books and write stories. Or actually I’d love to RP vampires. The only RP I do lately is the barbarians with Isa. So taking the 6 day break from work I hope will rejuvenate my desire to continue working instead of what feels like dragging myself in everyday. Also my 5-2 shift makes my days feel wasted, like I’ve not much time between getting up and going to work to get anything done.

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I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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