Marcus Faust

I figured I would dust off my old characters and introduce them and talk a little about them. In FFRPG you often have a photo to represent what your character looks like. Now I have to admit my own version of Fifty Shades of Gray. Fifty Shades of Gray began as Twilight fan fiction and the author changed the names of the characters. Well I was basically writing Soul Reaver fan fiction and I changed the names of the characters too. So Kain became Marcus Faust, and Raziel became Dante Seraphim. After all these years I’ve kept Kain as the image of Marcus Faust, even taking a popular wallpaper and my poor photoshop skills to make a rather nice icon (ike) to represent Marcus Faust.

Faust is basically a vampire God, or almost. He’s stupidly overly powerful, has dozens of spells (some I haven’t even thought of yet) and has lived for a couple thousand years (depends on if Faust is being written in AU Earth or my own version of Nosgoth called Noristrad depends on his age). He’s telekinetic, telepathic, can teleport at will (in his youth he had wings and could fly) is arrogant and narcissistic. What I enjoy about Faust the most is though he’s this all powerful not to be trifled with vampire, he’s often torn between his role as Champion of the Vampire God (in Noristrad the actual gods are feuding and each have a champion) and as someone who doesn’t want the way things are to change. When Faust was younger he saw what happened when vampires took over the land, it was devastating and starvation nearly wiped out the humans and vampires. (Think AD&D version of the movie Daybreakers.)
His stories usually always start out with Isadora (the vampire God) in the guise of Jacqueline Amore (she cheats on the hands off rule) asking him to do something. Faust doesn’t like to do things alone, goes and finds his cousin Dante Seraphim and together they have an adventure. (I was trying to write a Sam & Dean Winchester relationship before Supernatural, but they did way better than me.) Faust first appeared in my writings in 2000, shortly after playing Soul Reaver for the first time. Now the funny thing is that even though I say now that Marcus Faust is my favorite character, it was originally Dante Seraphim or rather Raziel that was my favorite. I was in love with Raziel’s voice. However as the years went by and I played more Soul Reaver and Blood Omen, my favoritism changed and in 2013 I was writing Faust stories without Dante in them.
If you care to check them out, I’ve posted my last Faust story on my blog: Dusty Words

Author: Ransacked Turnip

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