Getting Away with Shit @ Work

We need to talk about Jaslene (not her real name of course) and how the things she gets away with drive me crazy and I know it ain’t my business (it isn’t) but I just need to vent. (Also the character Jaslene in my upcoming novel is actually based off the girl I’m about to rant about.)

(I need to put in a thing about how I accept that I’m not allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities, and I usually genuinely like her, except for tonight, she pissed me off, probably why I’m ranting.)

Jaslene has worked for the fast food company for 3 years. (So I get that is where is she granted leniency.) She recently began having seizures. One of was so bad she broke her foot, banged up her face and did some other damage to herself. (She didn’t have it at work.) As far as I know she’s not diagnosed epileptic, she just has seizures and is on a medication to control them. (I also mentioned that she could get a service dog that would notify her of seizures before they happen. See I was nice!) From what I understand she has to take her medication with food and at specific times a day, 7:15 PM being one of them and I know this, because of this: Everyday management at work ask her if she’s taken her meds. She then claims that she needs to eat to take her meds. So she is allowed to take a paid lunch to eat and take her meds. Jaslene just doesn’t eat like a couple of nuggets and take her meds, she makes a sandwich, fries, (sometimes a sandwich and a potato) and a drink and goes sits down in the dining room and eats. This is at 7:15 PM. Then at 8 PM-ish, she takes an unpaid lunch and leaves the store for 30 minutes.

The reason I’m bothered by this is because I was told to eat between customers, and when I did I was accused of not getting up to help customers because the manager never saw me get up (I actually blogged about this here: Pet Peeves @ Work ) so now I don’t sit down to eat anymore. I just make my sandwich (usually a small $1 one) and stand at the trash can behind grill to eat it. I’m usually never out of line of sight with my station.

The reason I wanted to blog about Jaslene is truly this. I like Jaslene, always have. Currently she and Brett are having a thing, pretty sure they’re “taking out the trash” just to make out at the dumpster (it is enclosed). Brett lives at home, and Jaslene has a “fiancĂ©.” Tonight Jaslene was a dick. She put in her earbuds around 6 PM and ignored everyone. She worked sandwiches and I worked grill, so I need her to communicate with me over how much chicken she has available or how much meat she’s taking from the grill. She didn’t say jack to me and when I tried to talk to her, she ignored me. This made me feel low, unwanted, which developed into an anger towards her tonight.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

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