The Year in Review…

I’m writing this before work while eating toast trying to get rid of a hangover if that says anything about 2016 I dunno what does.

2016 for me was a horrible year, not as bad as 2015 according to my husband. In 2015 I was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. I had lost my job, a dream job that I had finally decided to make a career. I had friends, I had great connections, and once I was fired I was suddenly non existent to these friends and connections. I felt invisible and was overwhelmed with loneliness and self loathing that I thought the only way to solve my problems was to remove myself from this world. Then after getting help, getting medication, and getting better, my brother-in-law was arrested for downloading child pornography and molesting my daughter, all under my roof and I didn’t know it until the police barged through the door. I panic now at loud noises. However that was 2015, we’re here to talk about 2016.

2016 brought bed bugs, head lice, mites (on the rats) and fleas. So basically the year of the parasites. I had to borrow money to pay for a heat treatment for the bedbugs, took 3 weeks to get rid of my daughter’s head lice (you wanna know what worked? Vinegar, she smelled like a salad for a while, and after drenching her head in straight vinegar I spent 2 hours pulling out nits.) I’m still battling fleas. I’m hoping once it turns cold and stays cold, I’ll be able to  get rid of them.

2016 also brought change. I changed jobs twice. In February I got a job at KFC, liked my work, liked my hours, was offered full time, was making minimum wage though. I quit because the management didn’t like me and when I worked, I worked entirely with management. When I accepted full time I went from 40 hours a week to 10. I quit in April and started at Wendy’s. Once again I liked what I did, the hours weren’t bad. I was hired to close the dining room, so when I cleaned the dining room I listened to audiobooks (which is how I managed to read so many books this year). This job was the opposite of KFC, the management liked me, but my coworkers did not. My coworkers were some of the laziest, unkind, and entitled acting people I’d ever met. I spent so much of my blog complaining about the goings on at Wendy’s. So I went looking for a new job, got one at MotoMart making $0.75 more an hour. I quit after 3 days! I’m so glad I did. I was treated worse there than any other place I’d ever worked. In November I quit Wendy’s and got a job beginning of December with Lowe’s. They pay me a lot more, but work my a lot less. Still the paychecks are about the same. I like Lowe’s better so far, the management and the co workers all seem cool.

2016 brought new lessons in home-ownership, like calling two different a/c repair guys and one telling me I need a new a/c unit and the other just cleaning it (which fixed its problems.) In December the bathtub drain started to leak and I’m so very proud of myself, watched YouTube videos and replaced the tub drain for about $30 and it only took maybe an hour of work. I spent most of the time playing with the plumber’s putty. Also the desktop computer crapped out twice, which caused me to replace the outlet it is plugged into on my own. Once again, only cost like $20 and took me maybe 30 minutes. We also learned the difference between “power strip” and “surge protector.”

2016 saw me return to World of Warcraft after watching the Warcraft movie. I’m in a good guild, with good people, who play everyday and we chat in Discord, every day. I started streaming my gaming, but I’m not the greatest at commentary, but I’m working on it. I’m also crocheting so much I decided to open up an Etsy shop. We’ll see how long this goes. I’m currently making a scarf and a shawl to put up for sale. Might make an afghan too.

2016 gave Paul a car, he has a Hyundai Genesis now, so now no more new car envy, well except the fact the car is gold and not maroon or blue which are his favorite colors. We have a car payment (which is why I have a job) for the first time in years. This car is also a lot newer than any car we’ve ever bought. Before though we bought an old Ford Explorer for $650, then put $300 with the work into to get it legal. Then we traded it in on the Genesis, how much did they give us for it? $400.

I lost my grandmother in July of 2016, other than some cousins I haven’t seen since my mother’s funeral I have no living family on my mother’s side. It was also the first time I ever planned a funeral. I have all of grandma’s things from the nursing home, and most I threw away, but I still have her recliner, no idea what to do with it.

I gained a cat in 2016, Black Betty, who is the perfect cat except that she’s really gross and will sneeze globs and strings of snot everywhere. She sleeps by my arms at night, she rides on my shoulders, she’s annoying, but not a much as the other cats. I also gained a dog, I have a Beagle named Maggie and her whining for whatever she wants bugs the hell out of me. Last night she kept pacing the room, and I have hardwood floors so all I heard was tap, tap, tap, tap, She’s a good dog, but the most annoying pet I own. She whines for everything! To be petted, to get on the couch, to be fed, to be watered, to go outside, for a treat, to go for a walk, to ride in the car…

I admit my 2016 blog was mostly about depression and how work sucked, but it also was something else. It was the first time I kept up a blog. I mean I picked blogging back up in May and yes there are some gaps in there. I didn’t blog everyday (my life isn’t that exciting or dramatic) but I managed to blog at least several times a month. I’ve been playing Sims 3 and I could do a whole blog about the drama in that game! Or like how I laid in bed last night wondering if I was a Sim…

I hope to post about my resolutions next (there aren’t that many) and hopefully find a way to keep them.

Also today is my mother’s birthday. She’d have been 58.



I started with this pattern: Crocodile Stitch Adult Hat It was confusing. I thought they were gonna do photo steps all the way, but nope, they stopped the photos when I needed them the most such as in how to decrease the beanie. So then I tried to go ahead and wing it, my beanie wound up too small. I discovered I had decreased too much, too quickly. Then I went ahead and tried to figure out their patten and when I decreased the way they did, my hat was not as symmetrical as my winged version. So I decided to redo the hat, using my ideas, and just add more rows of scales before decreasing.

Here is my pattern:
We’ll be using chain, slip stitch, double crochet, front post double crochet. You’ll also need a yarn needle to bring the ending hole closed once the crocheting is done. Pick your yarn, and then whatever needle is suggested. I used I Love This Yarn: Pastels and an H hook.
The rows will be discussed in prep and scales.
Chain 72 (a scale is 4 stitches, so if you need to make the hat bigger or smaller add or remove in multiples of 4). Slip stitch to make a ring. Now their pattern has you go around once with a hdc, or you can just jump in and set up your prep row. When you’re ready to start your prep row, you chain (ch) 3, then double crochet (dc) in the same hole as the ch 3. Ch 1 (you’ll always ch 1 after every dc), skip 1 stitch (st) and dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc in same hole as the previous dc (st should look like a V).

You’re going to continue this until you reach your ch 3. The V st will be your scale, and the single dc is your anchor post so your scales lay flat. Your last st should be a post before your sl st to the top of the chain 3. Ch 1.

 Now we’re done with the prep row, time to start the scales.

 You’re going to front post double crochet 5 times around the ch 3 post. When you’re done with the 5 dc you should be at the bottom of the post.

Now we’re going to do 5 dc up the dc we did after we chained 3. Then you’re going to slip stitch (sl st) around the anchor post.

Congrats, you’ve got one scale made. Now to do this until you’ve anchored to the last post and should be back at the beginning of your scales. Once you anchor your last scale, ch 3, dc in the same st, ch 1, we’re gonna do another prep row just like the last one, instead of using stitches, we’re gonna use the scales to help up prep. Each scale should be between two scales of the previous row and each post in the center of a scale. So once you’ve done the ch 3, dc, ch 1, your next dc will be in the center of the scale below it. Chain 1, then dc in space between the scales, ch 1, dc in same space, ch 1.

Then put on your scales.

Put on as many rows of scales as you want depending on how slouchy you want your beanie. The first time I did this, I only put on 3 rows before decreasing and my beanie looked like this:

It looked lovely, but it didn’t fit on my head right, and I couldn’t pull it down to cover my ears, and reminded me too much of the top of an acorn. The blue beanie at the top of this post is my 3rd beanie I’ve made, and I put on 6 rows of scales before decreasing. With the beanie I photoed for this post I also put on 6 rows, but 5 would’ve been fine too:
So up to you how many rows of scales before you start decreasing, cause when we start you’ll be ready to close the end hole after 4 rows.

The decrease! So you’ve got your 5 or 6 rows of scales, this prep row will be a little different, we’re gonna skip some scales. So you’re going to ch 3, dc in same st, ch 1, dc in the center of the scale below, ch 1, dc in the space between the scales, ch 1, dc in the same space, ch 1, (like normal, but once you’ve prepped 4 scales, count the scales below, so you should have a V that needs an anchor post, instead of putting the anchor in the center of the next scale, you’re going to skip that scale and anchor in the next scale in line.) So every 4 scales we’re gonna skip one when building the prep row. Don’t skip the last scale before you join the prep row.
(Now I feel hypocritical, I complained about how the other pattern didn’t have decrease photos, and I noticed that when I posted my photo, I’d made a mistake in it. It shows the skipped scale, but the skip is wrong, it should be a V, then skip a scale so the post goes in the center of the next scale.)
This photo is incorrect.
Not sure if you can see this. By my index finger is the scale, see how it anchors to the center of the next scale? I took this photo after finishing the hat.
Next prep row, we’re gonna do the same as we did before, but now you’re gonna set up for 3 scales, and then skip a scale. Add scales as normal.
Next prep is 2 scales, skip a scale. Add scales as normal.
Next prep is you’re gonna skip every other scale. Should be just 4 scales.
This photo might help show the scale skips.See, post, V, skipped scale, post.
When you tie off your project leave a long tail. You’re gonna thread this tail through a yarn needle and sew the small hole closed.

Stitch around the edge, and then you’ll pull it closed.
Turn the hat inside out and tie off the yarn.
Enjoy your beanie!

Creations By Turnip

My daughter made this for me. I asked her to draw me a turnip. She did a wonderful job. I’ve decided to go ahead and start selling my crochet work. I opened a shop on Etsy, $0.20 a listing. They ask for you to list about 10 items, you don’t have to, but they suggest it. I’m slowly going to try to work up to 10 items to list. I need to buy some alpaca yarn and make a pair of gloves and a hat, I also need to write up and photograph the making of the hat. I’m selling my crochet, but I’m giving away my patterns for free.

Creations By Turnip

The Turnip Fails

My new FB page: The Turnip Fails
I wanted to call it ‘The Turnip Dies’ which was a name suggested by a friend of mine in World of Warcraft, but I dunno how well it would be received, but the idea is:
I die.
A lot.
In video games.

So I recently uploaded a Live Stream of World of Warcraft:


I have never made a crochet pattern before so bear with me. I’m going to try to over simplify it because I want beginner crocheters to not be afraid of this pattern. It is easy, it is fast. You need to know how to chain, slip stitch (slst), single crochet (sc), and double crochet (dc). I didn’t use the best yarn for photos, but this pattern is how I made those gloves and the pattern is ambidextrous, so you just do the pattern twice.

See here is where it gets weird. Pick out the yarn you want, look on the package for the recommended hook, and that is what you use. I used Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Soothing Blue, with an H hook. 1 ball made 2 pairs or 4 gloves.

To Start: Chain 24, then slst to make a ring. This ring will be around your fingers, add or subtract 4 stitches (basically 1 scale) to make it bigger or smaller.
Round 1 & 2: Sc in all the st around.
Round 3: The next rounds are divided into what I call scales and preps. You’ll always do a prep round and then put the scales on the prep. Ch 3, dc in the same st the ch 3 came from, ch 1, skip 1 st, *dc, ch 1, skip 1 st, dc, ch 1, dc in same st, ch 1* until you reach the end, which should have a st to skip before sl st into the ch of your ch 3. You have now set up what I call the scales and anchor posts for your scales.

Round 4: The scales. On the first post, 5dc down the post (the ch 3) then turn your project and 5 dc back up the other post (last rounds first dc) then sl st to the next dc (the stand alone one, the anchor post).
Repeat until you have put scales on all the V dc. Once you anchor the last scale, ch 3, and do a prep row and a scale row. Your anchor posts will always be in the center of the scale below it, and the next scale posts in between the scales.
The first set of gloves I made I did 3 rows of scales then put in the thumb hole, the second set I did 4 rows of scales, then added the thumb, I prefer this, but keep sliding your hand into the glove to see how many rows of scales your want.
The Thumb Hole: When you get to the prep row you want to do the thumb on, instead of ch 3 to start the next prep row, ch 10. Then you’ll slst into the center of the next scale.
Then sl st along the edge until you reach where you’d normally make 2 dc for a scale, ch 3, dc, in the same st and ch 1 (basically how your normally start your prep row.)

Then prep as normal until you reach that ch 10. In the same st as the ch 10 started in, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1.
Now dc in the ch 10. Normally I sort of picked a middle stitch and dc in the st, but I found it looked nicer if I dc on the ch 10 as if it were a post. The photo is from before I decided to do it. See how the st pulled up?
Ch 1 and sl st into the ch 3 at the beginning of your prep round. Add scales as normal. When you get to the ch 10, the dc you placed in it was an anchor post for a scale, once the scale is anchored, ch 3 and start the next row of prep and scales.
Prep and scale until the glove reaches desired length, tie off and weave in ends. I hope this made sense. I really want people to enjoy these gloves.

Dragonscale Fingerless Gloves (My Experience w/Making My Own Pair)

Let’s start first with I love fingerless gloves and when I saw the dragonscale ones, I fell in love. I NEEDED a pair and they’re $20 to $30 on Etsy but I crochet, why would I pay someone else to make my gloves? Especially if I find a yarn color I REALLY like or what if I want alpaca gloves? After staring at the gloves I NEEDED I decided to pick up some yarn (I used scrap yarn that was in queue to be added to my scraps afghan) and googled the pattern. First of all, the pattern I want is $5 on Ravelry. Here is the link if you want to look at it or even purchase it. Dragon Scale Gloves.

So I went looking for a free pattern. I found this Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves. The upside was I had a free pattern. The downside was I didn’t like her gloves, the scales were facing the wrong way. It wasn’t until I got a row of scales on that I realized her glove was made from the arm down to the fingers. So I decided to flip her pattern on its head. When she says chain 24 and make sure your arm can fit, don’t bother, make sure your fingers fit.

She put her thumb in on row 20, I tried to follow her directions for her thumb and couldn’t figure it out, I sort of winged it, wound up adding a scale to the rows, then trying to remove one once I got to the wrist. When I decided my glove was done, I put it on, and the thumb part just reminded me too much of a cast, you know, like if you broke your arm.

When I made my second glove, I ignored her thumb row all together and did it much more simple. Where she says chain 5, I chained 10, and instead of sc over the chain 5 (which was now a chain 10) I just set up my prep row over it. When I got to the chain 5 (10) I picked a spot in the middle and put in what I call the anchor post, and then chain 1, and then sl st into the beginning of the prep row. I hope this will make more sense when I attempt to draw out the pattern in a later post. (I need to make another pair and photo them to explain the steps I took.)

The gloves took me about 4 hours to make 1 glove, but I was also unfamiliar with the pattern, and most was how complicated the thumb was. Once I figured out the glove, and then simplified the thumb, it takes about 2 hours per glove. My next pair I’ll be only scales on the hand part, and the rest of the glove some sort of pattern, I’ve seen shells and other simple things.

Now let’s talk about the scales on the palm. When I first saw the pattern, I didn’t want scales on the palm, I figured it would be too bulky, even tried to figure out how to not put the scales on the palm (still haven’t figured out what stitch that is 2 rows that will equal the scales in height). However since having made the gloves, it is surprising how much it doesn’t bother me for the scales to be on the palm.

The gloves photoed are the ones I made myself. My husband picked the yarn. I would like to try to make a lace pair of these for the summer.

So I Crochet…

Been busy lately with World of Warcraft and the fact I’ve gotten a new job, today was my 3rd day and I’ve very much enjoyed myself there so far. Also picked back up watching NCIS, I’m on season 11 now. I’ve also been crocheting a lot. Here are some projects I’ve been working on/or completed in the past couple weeks.

This is my scraps afghan. I have all these balls of yarn leftover from projects and finally decided to make an afghan from all the leftover yarn.

My daughter wanted a sweater to keep her warm while waiting for the bus. She picked the color and this was my first ever top down hdc in the back loops sweater.

I have been wanting dragonscale fingerless gloves for sometime but have been afraid the pattern was too complicated. Not only did I master the pattern, I altered it to make the gloves look better.