Dragonscale Fingerless Gloves (My Experience w/Making My Own Pair)

Let’s start first with I love fingerless gloves and when I saw the dragonscale ones, I fell in love. I NEEDED a pair and they’re $20 to $30 on Etsy but I crochet, why would I pay someone else to make my gloves? Especially if I find a yarn color I REALLY like or what if I want alpaca gloves? After staring at the gloves I NEEDED I decided to pick up some yarn (I used scrap yarn that was in queue to be added to my scraps afghan) and googled the pattern. First of all, the pattern I want is $5 on Ravelry. Here is the link if you want to look at it or even purchase it. Dragon Scale Gloves.

So I went looking for a free pattern. I found this Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves. The upside was I had a free pattern. The downside was I didn’t like her gloves, the scales were facing the wrong way. It wasn’t until I got a row of scales on that I realized her glove was made from the arm down to the fingers. So I decided to flip her pattern on its head. When she says chain 24 and make sure your arm can fit, don’t bother, make sure your fingers fit.

She put her thumb in on row 20, I tried to follow her directions for her thumb and couldn’t figure it out, I sort of winged it, wound up adding a scale to the rows, then trying to remove one once I got to the wrist. When I decided my glove was done, I put it on, and the thumb part just reminded me too much of a cast, you know, like if you broke your arm.

When I made my second glove, I ignored her thumb row all together and did it much more simple. Where she says chain 5, I chained 10, and instead of sc over the chain 5 (which was now a chain 10) I just set up my prep row over it. When I got to the chain 5 (10) I picked a spot in the middle and put in what I call the anchor post, and then chain 1, and then sl st into the beginning of the prep row. I hope this will make more sense when I attempt to draw out the pattern in a later post. (I need to make another pair and photo them to explain the steps I took.)

The gloves took me about 4 hours to make 1 glove, but I was also unfamiliar with the pattern, and most was how complicated the thumb was. Once I figured out the glove, and then simplified the thumb, it takes about 2 hours per glove. My next pair I’ll be only scales on the hand part, and the rest of the glove some sort of pattern, I’ve seen shells and other simple things.

Now let’s talk about the scales on the palm. When I first saw the pattern, I didn’t want scales on the palm, I figured it would be too bulky, even tried to figure out how to not put the scales on the palm (still haven’t figured out what stitch that is 2 rows that will equal the scales in height). However since having made the gloves, it is surprising how much it doesn’t bother me for the scales to be on the palm.

The gloves photoed are the ones I made myself. My husband picked the yarn. I would like to try to make a lace pair of these for the summer.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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