So I Crochet…

Been busy lately with World of Warcraft and the fact I’ve gotten a new job, today was my 3rd day and I’ve very much enjoyed myself there so far. Also picked back up watching NCIS, I’m on season 11 now. I’ve also been crocheting a lot. Here are some projects I’ve been working on/or completed in the past couple weeks.

This is my scraps afghan. I have all these balls of yarn leftover from projects and finally decided to make an afghan from all the leftover yarn.

My daughter wanted a sweater to keep her warm while waiting for the bus. She picked the color and this was my first ever top down hdc in the back loops sweater.

I have been wanting dragonscale fingerless gloves for sometime but have been afraid the pattern was too complicated. Not only did I master the pattern, I altered it to make the gloves look better.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

I'm a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and a lover of animals.

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