I have never made a crochet pattern before so bear with me. I’m going to try to over simplify it because I want beginner crocheters to not be afraid of this pattern. It is easy, it is fast. You need to know how to chain, slip stitch (slst), single crochet (sc), and double crochet (dc). I didn’t use the best yarn for photos, but this pattern is how I made those gloves and the pattern is ambidextrous, so you just do the pattern twice.

See here is where it gets weird. Pick out the yarn you want, look on the package for the recommended hook, and that is what you use. I used Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Soothing Blue, with an H hook. 1 ball made 2 pairs or 4 gloves.

To Start: Chain 24, then slst to make a ring. This ring will be around your fingers, add or subtract 4 stitches (basically 1 scale) to make it bigger or smaller.
Round 1 & 2: Sc in all the st around.
Round 3: The next rounds are divided into what I call scales and preps. You’ll always do a prep round and then put the scales on the prep. Ch 3, dc in the same st the ch 3 came from, ch 1, skip 1 st, *dc, ch 1, skip 1 st, dc, ch 1, dc in same st, ch 1* until you reach the end, which should have a st to skip before sl st into the ch of your ch 3. You have now set up what I call the scales and anchor posts for your scales.

Round 4: The scales. On the first post, 5dc down the post (the ch 3) then turn your project and 5 dc back up the other post (last rounds first dc) then sl st to the next dc (the stand alone one, the anchor post).
Repeat until you have put scales on all the V dc. Once you anchor the last scale, ch 3, and do a prep row and a scale row. Your anchor posts will always be in the center of the scale below it, and the next scale posts in between the scales.
The first set of gloves I made I did 3 rows of scales then put in the thumb hole, the second set I did 4 rows of scales, then added the thumb, I prefer this, but keep sliding your hand into the glove to see how many rows of scales your want.
The Thumb Hole: When you get to the prep row you want to do the thumb on, instead of ch 3 to start the next prep row, ch 10. Then you’ll slst into the center of the next scale.
Then sl st along the edge until you reach where you’d normally make 2 dc for a scale, ch 3, dc, in the same st and ch 1 (basically how your normally start your prep row.)

Then prep as normal until you reach that ch 10. In the same st as the ch 10 started in, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1.
Now dc in the ch 10. Normally I sort of picked a middle stitch and dc in the st, but I found it looked nicer if I dc on the ch 10 as if it were a post. The photo is from before I decided to do it. See how the st pulled up?
Ch 1 and sl st into the ch 3 at the beginning of your prep round. Add scales as normal. When you get to the ch 10, the dc you placed in it was an anchor post for a scale, once the scale is anchored, ch 3 and start the next row of prep and scales.
Prep and scale until the glove reaches desired length, tie off and weave in ends. I hope this made sense. I really want people to enjoy these gloves.


Author: Ransacked Turnip

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