About the Turnip

I used to call myself Stygian and I’m going to go ahead and leave the reason I chose Stygian, but I’ve come to like the Turnip better.

First time I saw the name Stygian I was playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. In one of the ice caves the harpies were called stygian witches. Even I didn’t know what it meant so I had to look it up:

  1. of or relating to the Styx River.
    • literary
      very dark.
      “the Stygian crypt”

So from then on I’ve called myself Stygian. I named my World of Warcraft toons Stygianwitch, Styygiansoul, Stygianharpy, and so on.

Now for about me. I’m never really good at writing my own bios. I suffer from depression, and I enjoy horror movies, horror novels, horror TV shows, horror video games. I also like sci-fi and fantasy and bad shark attack movies. I belong to many fandoms, SuperWhoLock, PoI, TMNT, and I have what I call the Wall of Men. Basically I have posters and photos of all the heroes and anti-heroes in my life from Transformers to Sean Bean. I fall in love easily, and enjoy things like Destiel and Rinch.

I love animals, owning several, but I enjoy looking and reading about horses and I adore peacock art.

I’m a lazy and distracted writer and a terrible blogger. I still do text based FFRPG, very much of what was popular in the mid 90s. I’m currently a barbarian trying to save his clan. Even though I’m a woman, I mostly play male characters. I’ve a vivid imagination and have great dreams, even great nightmares. A lot of my writing comes from just writing my dreams and adding detail.

I don’t wan to exactly be famous, I’d rather have a cult following rather than to be mobbed, and I would like to make money, not millions but enough to pay off my house, or put my kids through college or even just by my husband a new car. I participate in NaNoWriMo every year and keep hoping I’ll write something worth publishing.


So what did you think?

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