Cast of Supernatural
Winchesters are back!

I am literally hours away from Supernatural Season 10 premiere! Between 9 and 10 PM I do not exist. Do not call me, do not text me, I will not answer. I belong entirely to Dean Winchester for that hour.


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The Winchesters

10525597_314001255439653_4243184748952701677_nI discovered Supernatural in the middle of Season 8. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was 6, and I’ve always been a Sherlock fan since I could read Conan Doyle. On Tumblr I kept seeing all these references to Supernatural, and a friend suggested I watch it.

MInd. Blown.

I’m a Dean girl all the way. I binged 7 seasons in two weeks. I’ve had them DVR’d since mid Season 8, even though I had to go back and wait for the first half of Season 8 on Netflix. However I will admit I prefer pre-Hell Dean, he seemed funnier, lighter hearted. I guffawed through his dialogue all season 3. Having seen Season 9 as it aired. I dunno I may like post Mark of Cain Dean even more.