What I Did On My Vacation or Nerd Raging @ Black & White

I took a vacation from April 10th to April 17th. We couldn’t afford to go anywhere and work was sorta stressing me out. I try to take a vacation from work at least twice a year. My next vacation will be in October or November. Once again probably won’t be able to go anywhere. The vacation in April is always across my wedding anniversary which is on April 14th. Paul (husband) and I had only planned on dinner on the 13th because the 14th fell on a Friday and we didn’t want to wait for food.

  • April 10th, Day 1 – We slept in, took my daughter to the dentist, cleaned and rearranged the living room and had dinner at the mall where we spent too much money on candles. Husband played FF6 (FF3 in the US) and I played Oxygen Not Included.
  • April 11th, Day 2 – We slept in, took my daughter to the dentist (she had two appointments back to back), cleaned the kitchen,  I made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Paul played his game and I played mine.
  • April 12th, Day 3 – We slept in, cleaned the bathroom, our bedroom and then had a visit from our pest control services. I wanted them to eat leftover spaghetti for dinner, ended up having hot dogs from QT,
  • April 13th, Day 4 – Paul and I got up, went to Maggiano’s for lunch, realized we were nearly broke. I ordered shoes from Sears. I tried to get the family to eat spaghetti leftovers for dinner, wound up eating the leftover Maggiano’s. Paul played his game I played mine.
  • April 14th, Day 5 – We slept in, paid bills, and went to KMart to grab a few groceries since the only card with money on it was my Sears card. I started playing Black & White. Even though this was our actual wedding anniversary we did 0 celebrating. Paul continued his FF6 game. At the end of the evening we started watching the TV show Once Upon A Time.
  • April 15th, Day 6 – Paul’s vacation started 2 days before mine and ended two days before, so he went to work. I played Black & White all day. When he came home, we watched Once Upon a Time and I insisted everyone have leftover spaghetti.
  • April 16th, Easter, Day 7 – I couldn’t afford to drive to visit anyone and stayed home with the kids and played Black & White. Paul came home from work and we watched Once Upon a Time. I totally nerd raged at my game over losing 8 hours of progress.
  • April 17th, Day 8 – Played Black & White.
So I got all the way to Land 5, which is the last land. Your Creature is cursed. He shrinks, gets weak, and turns the opposite alignment as you. Well until Land 5 I was a Good god. So my Creature turned Evil. I tried to win at it as a Good god, but when looking at walkthroughs most just say kill everyone in the village so it turns neutral and then drop a missionary in. BOOM you got your village. Well doing this turned me Evil.
Now I had the auto-save turned on, and dealt with its long saving and often saving. After I took my 3rd village, leaving only 2, the game crashed. No big deal, auto save, yo. It put me back at the END OF LAND 4. 😠 What really pissed me off was it kept my Evil alignment and my Creature’s cursed form, tiny, weak, and Evil. 😡 So I tried to start a new game. IT KEPT MY EVIL ALIGNMENT! So I tried to play Creature Isle which is the Xpack for Black & White 1. Even though I OWN Black and White and the Xpack (purchased when it was newly released) I never played the expansion because I never beat the original game. IT KEPT MY EVIL ALIGNMENT IN CREATURE ISLE! So in the end I just deleted my old profile and started a new one. I’m on Land 2.

The Turnip Fails

My new FB page: The Turnip Fails
I wanted to call it ‘The Turnip Dies’ which was a name suggested by a friend of mine in World of Warcraft, but I dunno how well it would be received, but the idea is:
I die.
A lot.
In video games.

So I recently uploaded a Live Stream of World of Warcraft: https://www.facebook.com/TurnipGamer/videos/221605808248825/

No Man’s Sky Lost Its Shiny?

The last two days I’ve finally gotten time to play No Man’s Sky. A game that I loved and adored when it first came out and like Fallout 4 and XCOM 2 I spent my time away from the game, thinking about what I’d do in the game next. Since I discovered you can sprint even if for a limited time, it actually made the game better for me for a short while. In my last No Man’s Sky post that was the main complaint I had about the game.

Still, even with sprinting, it takes too long to travel anywhere. Also I need and easy way to be able to go back to places I’ve already discovered on planet. Take this example: I found a trading post on a planet I was mining neutrals on to sell. I’d fly out, mine Gold or Emeril or Aluminum, fly back and sell on the trading post, without having to leave the planet to go to the Space Station. However because places you previously discovered disappear from your HUD as soon as you discover them, when I flew out too far I got lost and couldn’t find the trading post again.

Because No Man’s Sky is played in real time, the easiest way I can think of is to implement an auto-pilot feature that allows the ship to travel (fastest route possible) back to a place you’ve already discovered. I just mean on planet. So I go out and mine ores, set the ship to autopilot back to the trading post, and I get up and get a drink and make a sandwich while the ship is flying.

Now here is the other weird thing about what No Man’s Sky does to me. After playing a couple hours I get overwhelmed by the urge to read or write science fiction. For NaNoWriMo I’m already going to write No Man’s Sky fan fiction (the way I write it will start as fan fiction and morph into something else.)

I’m doggedly staying with the game, but the worlds are starting to get boring and repetitive. I have yet to find all the species on one planet. I spent 2 days looking on a water world. I think my goal is to just discover star systems, planets, and move on towards the center. I’m curious as to what happens when you reach the center.

No Man’s Sky or Why Can’t I Sprint or AutoWalk???

So I saw the trailer for No Man’s Sky after a friend of mine said he just bought a PS4 just to play No Man’s Sky. Well the trailer is fantastic looking. Looks like World of Warcraft but in space exploration and no other players (even though I’ve heard they are there).

I usually don’t pay full price for games (except WoW, bought all those expansions at full price, pre-ordered even). Fallout 4, DOOM and XCOM 2 were all bought for around $30 each. I paid the $60 for No Man’s Sky and I love it, found it totally worth it.

The landscapes are lovely, the ship even looks sexy, you have to explore and collect items. The planets are huge and I love the fact you can feed the wildlife. The game is addictive because I want to explore more and more, I want to be able to buy better starships. I also want to try to encounter another player. The game is very immersive.

Sunken Outpost

However the game has a few faults that really bug me. You WALK, no sprinting. If you want to travel faster, get in your ship. On my starting planet I needed a blue mineral to repair my thrusters and was forced to walk 5 minutes to the node, and 5 minutes back to the ship. I really wouldn’t complain this much if the game had an auto-walk where I didn’t have to hold down the W key for 5 minutes straight!

I also got lost in a cave system for an hour… I was trying to find animals, and figured there might be some cave critters.

The other fault is the tutorial kinda sucks. ATLAS is the tutorial and thank goodness I chose the ATLAS route because even with the “tutorial” I was still lost, asking my friend who is much further along in the game than I am things like, “Where do I find antimatter?” He says you craft it. I explain I don’t have the recipe and I don’t know where to get it. He asks if I’m doing the tutorial, I asked, “What tutorial?” It really isn’t obviously a tutorial, more like a string of quests that are vague. A tutorial should teach you how to play the game.

I read another blog post about No Man’s Sky and they said that people have already beat the game. I didn’t even know the game could be beaten. I assumed it was infinite exploration and survival. Apparently to beat the game you reach the “Center.” It is gonna take me months to get there. I’ve been playing for 3 days, and only on my 3rd planet.

PokeTracker Has Lost Its Quarry

I wanted to point out that I have played Pokemon Go without resorting to a tracking app or spending any in-game money. Now before you think I’m all high and mighty I also want to point out that I had 0 problems, nada, with anyone who used outside apps or spent money in-game. My problem is listening to people say that Pokemon Go is now unplayable without an outside tracking app. 

Yes the in-game tracker is still broken, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stop playing? What happened to the just getting out to the parks and hitting up Pokestops and taking over gyms? The problem was PokeVision told you exactly where the Pokemon was, and how long it would be there. All you had to do was jump into your car and drive to the location, open the app, catch the Pokemon and go home.

I saw a Growlithe on my tracker yesterday, I drove (I was taking over gyms) in circles looking for him. I didn’t catch him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop playing.

Pokemon Go Informer


The first time I played X-COM I was 13. It was 1994 and my dad bought it. I used to watch him play, and was intrigued by the pretense of the game, you saved the Earth from alien invasion. The game was difficult (even on the lowest difficulty) and even though I still have the game (repurchased through Steam) I still have never beat it. That game was called X-COM: UFO DEFENSE.

A couple of years ago the game was remade as XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN and playing took me back to a lot of good memories and nightmares (yes the 1994 game scared me to the point I had nightmares) but this was the first XCOM game I beat.
Now brings us to XCOM 2:
I have restarted this game 4 times already (which was a common XCOM thing, lots of restarting, researching things differently, building bases differently) but I love the game and the story. I’m considering restarting it again now that I’ve gotten a little further. At the same time I’ve really put a lot of hours into this game and might just play it until I lose the game. At the moment I’ve lost a few soldiers but I haven’t failed a mission nor failed to undertake a mission.
Now I play games blind usually, meaning that I don’t look at any videos or read walkthroughs or strategies (I did google which class was best for the skulljack) or spoilers. If you’re the same then better stop reading cause I’m gonna talk about an annoying difference between XCOM 1 & 2.
XCOM 1 (Enemy Unknown) you could do the campaign as slowly or quickly as you wanted. Usually before assaulting the alien base I would get all my research done, get all my troops armored and armed and max trained before taking out the base. In XCOM 2 you basically have a game timer. The AVATAR project can be delayed or reduced but not stopped and I feel like XCOM 2 rushes me. I’m also always starved for supplies and elerium cores.
Also I have a crush on Central Officer Bradford. I’ve got an unhealthy screenshot gallery of him.

OMG The Settlements!


So I decided to attempt to get all 29 settlements in Fallout 4. Build them up to huge settlements. I’ve never regretted a decision so much. I’ve currently got the Fallout 4 Settlement Incorrect Stats Bug, along with the Can’t Repair or Scrap Damaged Crops Bug and the Settlers Won’t Assign Bug.

I spend most of my play time just building settlements and beds and defenses, and running back and forth protecting them. I’m level 35 and I just started the Railroad quests and picked up the Shadow of the Brotherhood quest.