Fallout 4 Affinity Troubles


I know I came to the Fallout 4 party late and I’m doing the same for the DLC. I’m still working through all the quests in the main game, haven’t even bought any of the DLC. My current goal is to raise companion affinity, get their perks then Lone Wanderer it with Dogmeat. ❤

So I’ve been looking at guides to quickly max affinity and most say: Do X, save, load, repeat. Or: Do Y, sleep, repeat. Or the last one: Do Z, wait 2 hours repeat. The thing is, maybe this is for the console versions, but on my current PC copy… It doesn’t work. Saving, reloading, sleeping or waiting doesn’t allow me to repeat the action for affinity. The closest repeatable action I’ve found is the fast traveling naked, and basically I just fast traveled from settlement to settlement handling their problems: lack of beds, water, defense…

So I just read that waiting on an area between two maps will reset the affinity cooldown. Basically wait 2 hours, change maps, wait 2 hours, change maps. So off to try this one.

EDIT: So I bought the Home Plate house and did the use chem (we’re trying to raise affinity with Hancock) wait 2 hours, go outside, use chem, wait 2 hours, go inside. Still didn’t work. The only part that did work was the moving inside/outside naked raised his affinity but it only raises it by 0.8% I’m at 48.5% so mathematically I gotta go back and forth 65 more times, I think. Yay for me.

I also did the sleep instead of wait. Still not working.

EDIT: Been playing for days, first time I lost a settlement. Didn’t know that if their happiness got so low they are no longer allied. So much for just working on affinity, gotta also babysit my settlements.