I’m So Lost

I’m also so angry I’m calm. Last night I was so upset I only went to bed. I couldn’t handle the situation and now that it is 12 hours later, still don’t know what to do. So I’m drinking coffee and blogging.

Let’s make a short story long: Yesterday was my day off. I got texted and asked to come in by another Head Cashier who before her shift even started had planned to leave early. I so regret now having gone in. I don’t think I’ll ever say yes ever again.

Schnucks (local grocery store) was selling these packages of meat. Four to a box, assorted, their were pork steaks, chicken breasts, chicken wings, ribs, twice baked potatoes, ground beef and hamburger patties. I selected one with breasts, wings, potatoes and hamburger patties. It was decided that on my day off I would grill.

For dinner last night I was making lemon pepper chicken on the grill, au gratin potatoes and Italian zucchini. Since I got called into work, I got the chicken off the grill and put it in the crock pot, made au gratin potatoes and put them in the oven (all my kids had to do was take it out) and the zucchini was canned so they had to open it and heat it up.

It was the coming home from work that broke me. I hadn’t eaten since noon, and got home about twenty till midnight. I hadn’t eaten in almost twelve hours, so let’s just say I was a tad peckish. I walked in the house, greeted the dog, and went into the kitchen, mouth watering at the idea of lemon pepper chicken, au gratin potatoes and zucchini. The zucchini was in a bowl on the counter, the au gratin potatoes were in the pan on the stove wrapped in plastic, and the chicken still in the crock pot. I shouted at my children. Really? Really?¬†OMG all this food, wasted.

Their defense? They said at least they turned the crock pot down to warm, there was no room in the fridge for the potatoes, and the zucchini tasted awful. (The chicken was in the crock pot for 6 hours on warm, so it kept cooking, the entire bottom shelf of the fridge was empty, and I didn’t get to try the zucchini.)

I just stood over the wasted food and cried. I now had no dinner. I texted Russ, saying things like: “I can’t even. I don’t want to cook anymore for the kids.” And honestly I don’t. Let them eat cereal or mac n cheese or soup or sandwiches. (Now before you think I’m talking about small children, my son will be 18 this month, and my daughter 15 in November.)

I had to throw away an entire pan of au gratin potatoes (I had made two boxes before I left, wanted to make sure there would be enough for when Russ and I got home) and the zucchini. The chicken was fully cooked when it went into the crock pot, and though the crock pot had been set to ‘warm,’ 6 hours later the chicken on top was dried out (I ate some, I was hungry, was like eating under cooked pasta) and the chicken on the bottom, though tender from being in water, had no lemon pepper flavor, just tasted like chicken.

I didn’t punish my kids because I don’t know what can I do that would be effective. I thought about grounding them to their rooms, from their phones, taking their doors away (my kids enjoy their privacy) but I had nothing. So I cried some more, crawled into bed and went to sleep.


Martha Stewart, We Have Very Different Tastes

Once again a food post. I made this:

Three Bean Pasta Salad

It looked like this:

I served it with a BLT sandwich that was divine. However I followed the recipe according to directions, tasted it (cause you’re supposed to salt and pepper to taste) and all I could taste was red wine vinegar, which tasted like wine gone over (which is what happens to wine when it spoils, it becomes vinegar) and was awful. So I doubled the amount of mustard and honey which made the salad better. My other alternative was to try to rinse off the pasta and beans and just pour over it my favorite Italian dressing. Sadly the best thing about this salad was the celery.

I Have Better Things to Do With Salami

So I made this:

Tasted like a cream cheese and mustard that smelled like salami.
So I made a second sandwich from an old hors d’oeuvre recipe that was much better. I don’t have photos of it. It didn’t last long enough.
The old hors d’oeuvre recipe is hard salami, cream cheese and sweet gherkins. Most people take the salami, spread cream cheese on it, then wrap it around a sweet gherkin. I slice my gherkin into half so the pickle doesn’t overpower everything else.
So I decided to make this into a sandwich. I spread the cream cheese on the sandwich, placed the gherkins, sliced of course to lay flat, and then added salami. It was almost divine, however my husband and I decided to next time to make a spread of the cream cheese and chopped gherkins and that way.

Why This Won’t Be a Food Blog

After having a bag of Gardetto’s, water, and a paperback novel for lunch I decided I wanted to try to take my lunch to work because I don’t want to get too burned out too quickly on White Castles (my favorite fast food other than Taco Bell).

However… I’m a really lousy cook and not to mention a picky eater. I usually don’t try new foods because I don’t want to be grossed out. There are also foods I don’t like such as salmon (way too many salmon patties as a kid) or avocado. I’ll eat guacamole, but only if I have to (such as my Mexican food has it already on it.) I don’t like hummus (tastes like creamed tortilla chips to me.)

I googled easy work lunch ideas and most were tuna salad variations, egg salad variations, some salads I would never want to try. Like this one:

Cherry Almond Farro Salad

What is farro? The salad looks like rice crispies with cherries in it. However there were some things I’m willing to try, such as a mashed chickpea salad, and a tuna cabbage salad. So I went ahead and picked out 4 or was it 5 new recipes, one being a pasta and bean salad, to try for lunches at work. The problem is I need to try them before taking them as a work lunch. I’d hate to make my lunch and find it tasted awful and I end up having White Castles anyway. Starting tomorrow I’ll try and taste a recipe from the ones I’ve found that appeal to me. All the recipes are on my Pinterest Board: Recipes to Try