Dream 2/6/17

What better dream than a Doctor Who/Warcraft Crossover?

The dream was so good I intent to make it into Fan Fiction and start outlining it. It won’t be World of Warcraft in it though.

I dreamed I was the Doctor’s Companion and in love with him and it was the 10th Doctor. Now I’ve began to flesh out parts already to make my dream more sensible. I only dreamed that we were sent by a king whose lands were under siege by an evil force to a small desolate village to retrieve some sort of artifact that had been hidden there to save the kingdom. We did not take the TARDIS to the remote village in the mountains, we went by carriage, along with a small company of royal soldiers to protect us. The night we arrive the Doctor becomes sick, passes out and is feverish and delirious. We get him into a bed (the villagers are extremely wary of us and the soldiers) and won’t talk to us, or help us with our “quest,” they say the king abandoned them when their village fell ill (in my dream it was Smallpox but considering the time period the dream took place in, it could’ve been Black Plague) and would not send them any help, so they won’t help the king.

Over the course of the night, a blizzard hits, and the Doctor and I and this small company of soldiers are trapped in the village because the pass we came through it blocked with snow. The next morning the Doctor is out of the bed, looking for his clothes, saying we need to help the king, and find the artifact, but he’s not any better. He’s still sick. I try to tell him we can’t leave even if we had the artifact, because we were snowed in. We didn’t bring the “special blue carriage,” I was trying not to alarm the peasants. Because our modern clothes and the way we spoke, and the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, they were already claiming we were wizards and didn’t trust us more than as if we were normal outsiders.

I’m having a hard time convincing him to get back into the bed. He’s feverish, sweating, shivering, babbling nonsense half of the time. I’m really worried about him, and since he’s not human, I have no idea how to treat him (since the medicine is basically 14th or 16th century) other than just rest, liquids, and soup. I hug him and whisper into his ear I love him and that if he dies, I’ll die too.

(Then the phone rang and I woke up.)

As far as fleshing it out and complete spoiler, we get summoned via a message from a clockwork raven, that the Doctor built (during a previous incarnation) and gave as a gift to the king (who will be the grandfather of the king in my dream). The king’s dowager aunt is the one summoning the evil (I’m thinking demonic shadows or something) because she wants the throne for her daughter. (King’s cousin.)

We arrive, discover the kingdom in turmoil, get sent to get the artifact (I’ve no idea what the artifact is at the moment) and though the Doctor becomes ill, it isn’t a sickness but he’s being poisoned by an agent of the dowager queen who traveled with us.


Dreams & Creativity

My husband got a new car yesterday. It is a 2012 Hyundai Genesis, 84,000 miles. It is luxurious, but it also seems like a base model. It is the old body style, they changed it in 2013 I think.
Michael Weatherly as Logan “Eyes Only” Cale
NaNoWriMo is coming up and though I thought I was going to start with No Man’s Sky fan fiction, I might be going back to writing about vampires. I was watching Dark Angel yesterday, sort of had a Michael Weatherly day, I’d been watching NCIS, trying to catch up to the new season (I’m on Season 10) and got the urge to watch Dark Angel. Even though Michael Weatherly is second billed in the cast and eventually Max’s love interest, he plays a surprisingly small role in the first several episodes. I watched Season 1 of Dark Angel when it first came out in 2000 but I missed all of season 2. I watched it for Michael Weatherly’s character. I had a crush on him. I actually used his image for a character I had in a VtM RP (Vampire the Masquerade Role Play) I just can’t remember the chat room or the parent site. I even tried to google information about RP rooms in the 2000’s.
My character was Clifford Anezka. He was a vampire accountant. He kept the books, laundered money and often served as an alibi for other vampires. Anezka was basically a played NPC, but it was fun, but sadly most were interested in my other more common characters, one was an assassin, another a Justicar. Still I had a dream about vampires night before last and I got to thinking about Anezka’s character and if I should brush the dust off him. This is the only saved RP set I have and it is only a couple posts between myself (Clifford Anezka) and my friend Serena (Seonaid.) Anezka-Seonaid
Now the dream I had was vampires take over a post-apocalyptic world and rule it, but because they’re no longer hiding in the shadows, they’re creating too many other vampires and the new vampires are basically no more than feral dogs fighting over the scraps of humanity. However some older vampires not exactly wanting things the way they were before, but recognize that too many vampires = less food to go around. I figured I’d dust off my favorite vampires, Marcus Faust & Dante Seraphim, and bring out Darion and write about this for NaNoWriMo. Just dunno if I can make it a 50,000 word novel.
Now for work blurb. I’m going on vacation in 5 shifts. I need a break from work because I’m starting to get burned out. I’m starting to want to call in (I haven’t yet) but I’m not wanting to go to work. I want to stay home and binge NCIS, Dark Angel, play video games, and read books and write stories. Or actually I’d love to RP vampires. The only RP I do lately is the barbarians with Isa. So taking the 6 day break from work I hope will rejuvenate my desire to continue working instead of what feels like dragging myself in everyday. Also my 5-2 shift makes my days feel wasted, like I’ve not much time between getting up and going to work to get anything done.

My Dreams

D R E A M S by tincek-marincek

I have great dreams. I write them all down, and usually it is weird to go back and reread them. Last night’s dream:

I dreamed my uncle was an anthropologist and he had anonymously received a movie. He assumed it was a sci fi film, I watched parts of it over his shoulder. Parts of the movie claimed to take place 5000 years ago. Those parts were about a dragon and his two servants, dressed in medieval suits of armor, but seemed to possess brief invisibility and telekinesis. The three seemed to be attacking a small medieval town.

Then parts of the movie claimed to take place in the present day in a city that seemed more futuristic than us. The cars hovered, the food was weird, lots of holographic screens. The buildings were shaped funny. There didn’t seem to be any animals except for cats and dogs that looked like their front and back legs were fused together, making them two legged and they seemed to get around just fine.

My uncle had received a letter with the movie asking him to authenticate the accuracy of the humans in it. Were they humans at all? My uncle thought it was a joke and throws the movie away.
So we go on a picnic, myself, my aunt and uncle, and their 3 children. We’re in the car and we drive through a tunnel but come out the other side in the city from the movie. My uncle and his family do some freaking out, but I’m fascinated.

They try to turn the car around, but the tunnel is gone.

So we try to blend in. We pull up to what looks like a McDonald’s knockoff restaurant. We’re already getting weird looks from other people because our car looks nothing like the hovering cars.

We try to order food but they want a sample first. Not knowing what to expect I offer, and they hook up a hose to my thigh and it looks like it sucks out some fat. The girl taking the “sample” tastes it, which grosses me out. She suddenly says, “Do you not know what you are?” She’s all surprised. My uncle freaks out and drives off.

So we’re trying to leave the city but it seems unending. So we pull into a gas station, and I successfully steal a couple of honey buns and some gummy candy. I open the honey buns and they sprout legs and try to run away. More freaking out, when the honey bun seems to know it wasn’t being chased turns around and runs back and practically tries to jump down my throat. We come to discover that all the food stuffs are designed to act like prey, unless you don’t chase then it forces itself on you.

Which is weird because the only animals we’ve seen were the weird cats and dogs. No birds, no bugs, no rabbits. Also everything seems vegetarian. Nothing has meat.

We get contacted by this family. They say they were like us. That their parents came through a portal and another family had helped them.

They explained as best they could how the world works. The people were not entirely human, they were part dragon.

When they tasted my leg fat, they were checking my species.

Other dreams: