So I took a personality test, I’ve taken several. I know I’m an extrovert, but I was more curious to what kind of extrovert I am. I am an ENFP, which apparently only makes up 7% of the population.

What is an ENFP? Well that means Extroversion: I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. Intuition: I enjoy possibility, theories and big ideas. Feeling: I make value-centered, people oriented decisions. Perceiving: I am spontaneous and keep my options open.

Here is a more indepth guide:

I totally accept that I am an ENFP.¬†16 Personalities – ENFP¬†After reading this guide it was so much like me that I found it creepy. It also says so many great things about ENFP’s that it actually saddened me because this personality has a drawback. I often find myself outcasted, misunderstood and undesired. Most of this is from workplaces or coworkers. I’m referred to as annoying, and when I addressed this problem with management I was asked if I was being overly-friendly. What world do we live in where kindness in unwanted?

So this thing went down at work that made my last two days of work miserable, I contacted management, had a meeting and basically what I got from it was: Keep my niceness to myself.

People can change, but we’re talking about my core personality, what makes me, me.