The Turnip Fails

My new FB page: The Turnip Fails
I wanted to call it ‘The Turnip Dies’ which was a name suggested by a friend of mine in World of Warcraft, but I dunno how well it would be received, but the idea is:
I die.
A lot.
In video games.

So I recently uploaded a Live Stream of World of Warcraft:


OMG The Settlements!


So I decided to attempt to get all 29 settlements in Fallout 4. Build them up to huge settlements. I’ve never regretted a decision so much. I’ve currently got the Fallout 4 Settlement Incorrect Stats Bug, along with the Can’t Repair or Scrap Damaged Crops Bug and the Settlers Won’t Assign Bug.

I spend most of my play time just building settlements and beds and defenses, and running back and forth protecting them. I’m level 35 and I just started the Railroad quests and picked up the Shadow of the Brotherhood quest.

Fallout 4 Affinity Troubles


I know I came to the Fallout 4 party late and I’m doing the same for the DLC. I’m still working through all the quests in the main game, haven’t even bought any of the DLC. My current goal is to raise companion affinity, get their perks then Lone Wanderer it with Dogmeat. ❤

So I’ve been looking at guides to quickly max affinity and most say: Do X, save, load, repeat. Or: Do Y, sleep, repeat. Or the last one: Do Z, wait 2 hours repeat. The thing is, maybe this is for the console versions, but on my current PC copy… It doesn’t work. Saving, reloading, sleeping or waiting doesn’t allow me to repeat the action for affinity. The closest repeatable action I’ve found is the fast traveling naked, and basically I just fast traveled from settlement to settlement handling their problems: lack of beds, water, defense…

So I just read that waiting on an area between two maps will reset the affinity cooldown. Basically wait 2 hours, change maps, wait 2 hours, change maps. So off to try this one.

EDIT: So I bought the Home Plate house and did the use chem (we’re trying to raise affinity with Hancock) wait 2 hours, go outside, use chem, wait 2 hours, go inside. Still didn’t work. The only part that did work was the moving inside/outside naked raised his affinity but it only raises it by 0.8% I’m at 48.5% so mathematically I gotta go back and forth 65 more times, I think. Yay for me.

I also did the sleep instead of wait. Still not working.

EDIT: Been playing for days, first time I lost a settlement. Didn’t know that if their happiness got so low they are no longer allied. So much for just working on affinity, gotta also babysit my settlements.

Fallout 4 Take 2

20160514145953_1So… I made a girl toon, made her a redhead and named her after my best friend, Isabel. My previous build was Endurance/Agility, and then towards the end began to point into Charisma so I could win dialogue choices trying to save grace with the Minutemen. I also made it a project to recruit every companion the game offered. This time, I went with a Charisma build and decided I was only going to use Dogmeat as my companion and stick with pistols as my weapon of choice. (Almost every Fallout game I choose rifles because I enjoy sniping everyone.)

Holy crap, I’m not going to pretend to know what I’m doing but I definitely ain’t doing it right. I’ve died sooooooooo much. I’m level 14 now and wondering what was I thinking. My idea of just exploring everything isn’t working because I keep coming across super high level monsters, at level 9 I encountered and eventually ran away from a level 22 Raider, and at around 12 encountered a level 30 Super Mutant (another run with my tail tucked between my legs). The good news is this time I’ve actually seem to come across a fair amount of fusion cores so  I should be wearing my power armor. I never wore it in the first game because I never had any cores until I was around level 30.

Fallout 4

20160513123646_1So I finally reached the ending cutscene and I must say I feel disappointed. It isn’t that the game is over (well most of it is) I only have 2 factions of the original 4 remaining. I have my X-01 Power Armor, I’m level 51. I have all the companions except 2 (I had to kill one of them, /sadface). I honestly tried my best to keep as many factions up as possible (they give repeating infinite quests) but I wound up with a Desdemona bug that wouldn’t let me turn in Randolph Safehouse 5. She kept telling me to go talk to Z1 and wouldn’t allow me to turn in the quest. So I got angry and shot her.

I should play as a female this time. My male toon was so hot, and apparently bisexual. I went romance with everyone I could. I wound up wearing the Minutemen General Hat and Uniform for the entire game once I found it. I just like the way it looked that much.

I think I will restart and this time, go slower, just explore, and work more on my settlements. There is so much of the map I haven’t explored.

Recap of April

OMG, HOLY SHIT, FINALLY IT’S MAY!10-goodbye-april-hello-may-quotes-7628-4

Bedbugs, Paul fracturing his elbow, washing machine broke, Paul got a raise and made us ineligible for state assisted insurance, meaning we went from paying $28 a month for the kids to $213 a month, and the sewing machine broke. That was in April. However it continued on to May, May 1st the monitor broke, May 2nd my glasses broke.

There were a few good things in April. My 16th wedding anniversary, I changed jobs to one I like a lot better. A friend sent me money to help with replacing the washing machine. The bedbug problem was solved within 2 weeks, I had to borrow money from my grandpa for it. I just sent him my first payment of $100. I’m paying $100 twice a month for the next 9 months. It’ll be February when I pay him back completely. A friend sent me recycled silk as a gift and Paul bought me Fallout 4 which I’m ridiculously addicted to. So far my favorite companion is Dogmeat (I think he’s everyone’s favorite) but other than him are Macready and Paladin Danse. I’m slowly maxing affinity with all my companions, and I’m still missing Curie. I think I’m getting close to the end finally, after weeks of playing, only stopping for work, sleep and errands. It is like playing WoW again. I used to spend 18 hours a day at least playing WoW.