Sooooo Much to Talk About

Let’s talk Pokemon Go! Okay, I’ve only been really able to catch at work and at home. I rode my bike today to farm pokestops at the nearby park while I tried to figure out how the gym worked nearest me. It is currently owned by Team Instinct. So tomorrow I plan to go out and go visit pokestops and gyms and hopefully find some more pokemon. I’m more into collecting them rather than fighting because I still can’t figure out how the battles work. I suck so bad at it. Also I feel bad because I’m on a Team Mystic – STL group and they all have so much better pokemon than I do. I honestly don’t need to be the best but I do want to be able to compete with my peers. Pokemon Go only has been out for 3 days, but I will admit that it has gotten me to move more than anything else. My feet hurt from Pokemon Go! My best pokemon right now is a Pinsir I caught at work.

Next item up for discussion: Conspiracy Theorist Guy (CTG) just told me today that the TV show the Odd Couple is based on his ex-girlfriend’s life. (The movie Life of Brian is supposed to be based off his life.) He tells me that his ex-girlfriend (8 years ago btw) married her ex’s brother. He discovered this because it was mentioned in an Odd Couple episode. According to him, Teri Hatcher is a cousin of his and plays his ex-girlfriend’s role in the Odd Couple. Now I’ve never seen the Odd Couple and I doubt much of what he says is related to him. I still enjoy him and enjoy listening to him. However when I discuss conspiracy theories, all his boil down to one ultimate end: To make Bush (George H.) president.

Okay on the theme of co-workers… I’ve been working drive-thru more often and the last two times I’ve worked drive-thru I’ve had to work with two different people. Now I’m 35 years old, I don’t quite take to things as efficiently as I did when I was 16 (last time I worked a drive-thru) so I’m having trouble multi-tasking and remembering everything. So the last two nights I’ve worked the back cashier spot, which means I take the money and hand out the drinks. Another girl takes the orders and makes the drinks. The girl I worked with last night did nothing except that. Well until she got mad at me for helping other positions. This is all she did, she’d take orders, make the drinks and when there were no more orders to take or drinks to make she’d just lean against the ice cream machine with her hands in her pockets. It didn’t matter how busy everyone else was, she just stood there. So I’m doing the back cash thing and I’m waiting on my food to be made. I look over at the inside counter and their food is up, so I go and assemble a counter order. Well apparently the drive thru food got made eventually and she got mad and suddenly did my job. It IS so HARD to just stand there and do nothing.

So TONIGHT I’m with a different girl but she got all butt-hurt over Pokemon Go. She doesn’t have or want Pokemon Go, and she complains that those of us who have it are on our phones all the time. So I looked up at her and asked: What is the difference of us being on Pokemon Go while you’re on Facebook?
And after that she spent the rest of the night not talking and she took it out on the guests (also the girl last night wasn’t too friendly either) and wouldn’t even greet them. She’d just say: I can take your order.
What really bothered me was she just kept saying that if she heard anymore Pokemon Go talk she was just gonna leave. I so badly wanted to say: Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
If it bothers you that much CHANGE THE FUCKING SUBJECT!


Pet Peeves @ Work

Work sucks, most people’s work does, and I now totally understand the working at a job you hate. See I left a job I hated, but I couldn’t quit cause I needed the money. So I found a new job, and I hate this one too. It isn’t that I hate what I do, I hate the pettiness and laziness of my co-workers.

I understand that we’re short staffed, and so should you, that means step up the pace, we still have customers to serve and satisfy.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the straight up laziness. Take yesterday for instance. Someone has trained (amazing that the biggest problem is these people have been trained to do this) the Drive-Thru team that they don’t have to go and get stock to stock anything. Okay let’s put this into perspective. I work the front counter as a cashier, not a problem I love being a cashier, love the guests, but I cannot leave the line of sight of the counter because I have to be there if a guest walks up. So think of it as an invisible tether. Here’s how I handle it when I need to stock cups or refill the lemonade, I turn to a co-worker and say, “Yell for me if someone comes in.” Okay, Drive-Thru, you have a headset, you don’t see the guest face to face, so guess what? You can quickly run and grab cups or ice cream mix while still interacting with the guest! So yesterday. We were shorthanded, not a big deal, you just quickly adapt. I had to take orders then run around the counter and put the food on the trays and hand them out. I apologized to everyone for their wait, smiled, and was nice. The girl taking orders in Drive-Thru needed chocolate ice cream mix. Sort of not a big deal, we’re shorthanded, normally we have a go to dish guy who does all the running for all the stations. Fry station needs fries, he’ll grab a box from the freezer, Drive-Thru needs ice cream mix or ice, he’ll get it for them. Sandwich maker needs bacon or cheese sauce, he’ll get that for them. Well yesterday, we didn’t have a dish guy. The grill guy was trying to double as the dish guy, but the dish guy does more than dishes and gophering. So the Drive-Thru girl needed chocolate ice cream mix (already mentioned that) so she yells for it. (Which she’s been trained to do.) Now we’re all busy, and I’m one of those even if it isn’t your job and you’re doing nothing, do it if it needs to be done. So she yells again for chocolate ice cream mix and another girl is getting the mix, but then the Drive-Thru girl adds that she’s holding on chocolate ice cream mix. Seriously? Holding on it, means that it all you’re waiting on. I glance over at her and she’s standing in front of the ice cream machine with a cup in her hand just waiting for the mix to show up. I almost said to her, “If ice cream mix is all you’re waiting on, and you’re just standing there, go get it yourself!” Except that the other girl finally arrived with it.

Another pet peeve is when they have down time, instead of stocking their stations, getting ice, straws, cups, ice cream, change for their drawers, or whatever, they just stand around and talk and then call out for ice or mix or cups when they run out and need it immediately. To think I was worried about my lack of time management.


I wasn’t call lazy, I was asked if I had clocked out for break. I work a 6 hour shift, 5 PM to 11 PM. Yeah I’d like to sit down and eat something. Well only 1 manager out of 6 would ask if I wanted to take a break, and I said yes everytime so I could sit down and eat. So when the other managers worked I never got a break and someone told me I had to ask to go on break. So the next night I closed with one of the other 5 I asked for a break and was told not to take one, just sit down and eat. So I waited for management to let me know when I could sit down and eat (I’m the front counter cashier, someone has to cover my station) and it never happened. I addressed this with management, and they informed me to just eat between guests.

So the next night I just ordered food, and it took 20 minutes between ordering my food to be able to actually sit down and eat it. When I did get to sit down, I ate two nuggets, jumped up and served the guests that came in. Sat back down, ate 1 nugget, got up and served guests again. Took a bite out of a snack wrap, served a guest (now my food is sitting at a table, not like I’m eating at the register, and my food is being guarded by a guy on break and then by a guy who was off work getting food himself). So I managed to finish the first snack wrap and I eat half of my second one. So now, I ordered my food at 8 PM, it is now 8:40 PM and I finally finish my snack wrap, drink my drink, and then the manager comes out and asks if I clocked out for break. I replied no, I hadn’t taken a break. He says he hasn’t seen me get up and serve the guests. Now the off work guy and I look at each other quizzically. I look at the manager and said, “Clock me out for break then.” (He didn’t but if he had by God I’d have sat for a full 30 minutes instead jumping up and down.) The manager replies he doesn’t know what is going on, that he could be wrong that he doesn’t see everything. He just says that from what he’s seen, he hasn’t seen me get up.

Now I don’t smoke, and I deal directly face to face with guests. I handle their complaints, I have to double check their orders, I have to apologize for longs waits. I work a 6 hour shift without a break, and the smokers all take breaks to smoke (one girl walks to her car and sits down to smoke) and I get chastised for doing what I was told to do!

When I get to work at 5 PM the first things I have to do are bake cookies, refill the lemonade, check the tea levels, and restock the cups. Shift change is at 5 PM, so as I’m clocking in, day shift is clocking out. I hate the fact that none of this is done for me when I get there and depending if it is the day lobby guy’s day off I may have to immediately go wipe down tables, sweep the floor and stock the condiments. Instead of complaining to a manager I decided I would be assertive (very unlike me and directly talk to the person). So I’ve clocked in, and the cookies are so few one tray was empty. I ask the girl whose position I’m taking over, “Did you bake cookies?”

“No I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t care.” How do you still have a job??? That was the day I had to make 6 trays of cookies. This is also the girl I argued about how to make lemonade. The lemonade is a half gallon carton of mix and the direction say to mix the carton with 4 cartons of water, when I was trained to make lemonade I was told to use 5 cartons, well it is a bitch to make lemonade while serving guests waiting for this little carton to fill with water, dump it, and refill. So I got the bright idea, I would use the 1 gallon pitcher twice, and the carton once to make the lemonade. She told me I was making the lemonade wrong that I can’t use the pitcher, I needed to use the carton. I honestly tried to reason with her. I explained that the carton was 2 quarts and the pitcher was 4 quarts, so the pitcher was equal to two cartons. She wouldn’t hear any of it. Just kept telling me I was making it wrong so I said, “Work smarter, not harder,” and walked away. I wasn’t going to listen to her stupidity.