The Year in Review…

I’m writing this before work while eating toast trying to get rid of a hangover if that says anything about 2016 I dunno what does.

2016 for me was a horrible year, not as bad as 2015 according to my husband. In 2015 I was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. I had lost my job, a dream job that I had finally decided to make a career. I had friends, I had great connections, and once I was fired I was suddenly non existent to these friends and connections. I felt invisible and was overwhelmed with loneliness and self loathing that I thought the only way to solve my problems was to remove myself from this world. Then after getting help, getting medication, and getting better, my brother-in-law was arrested for downloading child pornography and molesting my daughter, all under my roof and I didn’t know it until the police barged through the door. I panic now at loud noises. However that was 2015, we’re here to talk about 2016.

2016 brought bed bugs, head lice, mites (on the rats) and fleas. So basically the year of the parasites. I had to borrow money to pay for a heat treatment for the bedbugs, took 3 weeks to get rid of my daughter’s head lice (you wanna know what worked? Vinegar, she smelled like a salad for a while, and after drenching her head in straight vinegar I spent 2 hours pulling out nits.) I’m still battling fleas. I’m hoping once it turns cold and stays cold, I’ll be able to  get rid of them.

2016 also brought change. I changed jobs twice. In February I got a job at KFC, liked my work, liked my hours, was offered full time, was making minimum wage though. I quit because the management didn’t like me and when I worked, I worked entirely with management. When I accepted full time I went from 40 hours a week to 10. I quit in April and started at Wendy’s. Once again I liked what I did, the hours weren’t bad. I was hired to close the dining room, so when I cleaned the dining room I listened to audiobooks (which is how I managed to read so many books this year). This job was the opposite of KFC, the management liked me, but my coworkers did not. My coworkers were some of the laziest, unkind, and entitled acting people I’d ever met. I spent so much of my blog complaining about the goings on at Wendy’s. So I went looking for a new job, got one at MotoMart making $0.75 more an hour. I quit after 3 days! I’m so glad I did. I was treated worse there than any other place I’d ever worked. In November I quit Wendy’s and got a job beginning of December with Lowe’s. They pay me a lot more, but work my a lot less. Still the paychecks are about the same. I like Lowe’s better so far, the management and the co workers all seem cool.

2016 brought new lessons in home-ownership, like calling two different a/c repair guys and one telling me I need a new a/c unit and the other just cleaning it (which fixed its problems.) In December the bathtub drain started to leak and I’m so very proud of myself, watched YouTube videos and replaced the tub drain for about $30 and it only took maybe an hour of work. I spent most of the time playing with the plumber’s putty. Also the desktop computer crapped out twice, which caused me to replace the outlet it is plugged into on my own. Once again, only cost like $20 and took me maybe 30 minutes. We also learned the difference between “power strip” and “surge protector.”

2016 saw me return to World of Warcraft after watching the Warcraft movie. I’m in a good guild, with good people, who play everyday and we chat in Discord, every day. I started streaming my gaming, but I’m not the greatest at commentary, but I’m working on it. I’m also crocheting so much I decided to open up an Etsy shop. We’ll see how long this goes. I’m currently making a scarf and a shawl to put up for sale. Might make an afghan too.

2016 gave Paul a car, he has a Hyundai Genesis now, so now no more new car envy, well except the fact the car is gold and not maroon or blue which are his favorite colors. We have a car payment (which is why I have a job) for the first time in years. This car is also a lot newer than any car we’ve ever bought. Before though we bought an old Ford Explorer for $650, then put $300 with the work into to get it legal. Then we traded it in on the Genesis, how much did they give us for it? $400.

I lost my grandmother in July of 2016, other than some cousins I haven’t seen since my mother’s funeral I have no living family on my mother’s side. It was also the first time I ever planned a funeral. I have all of grandma’s things from the nursing home, and most I threw away, but I still have her recliner, no idea what to do with it.

I gained a cat in 2016, Black Betty, who is the perfect cat except that she’s really gross and will sneeze globs and strings of snot everywhere. She sleeps by my arms at night, she rides on my shoulders, she’s annoying, but not a much as the other cats. I also gained a dog, I have a Beagle named Maggie and her whining for whatever she wants bugs the hell out of me. Last night she kept pacing the room, and I have hardwood floors so all I heard was tap, tap, tap, tap, She’s a good dog, but the most annoying pet I own. She whines for everything! To be petted, to get on the couch, to be fed, to be watered, to go outside, for a treat, to go for a walk, to ride in the car…

I admit my 2016 blog was mostly about depression and how work sucked, but it also was something else. It was the first time I kept up a blog. I mean I picked blogging back up in May and yes there are some gaps in there. I didn’t blog everyday (my life isn’t that exciting or dramatic) but I managed to blog at least several times a month. I’ve been playing Sims 3 and I could do a whole blog about the drama in that game! Or like how I laid in bed last night wondering if I was a Sim…

I hope to post about my resolutions next (there aren’t that many) and hopefully find a way to keep them.

Also today is my mother’s birthday. She’d have been 58.


31 Days of Horror

I’m tired of blogging about depressing topics, like how crappy my job is. (Which is funny because I used to be proud of my job and proud of the company I work for. I just asked a new hire how much he makes and he says $8.10. I make $7.75!)

So I decided that with it becoming September I would attempt in October once again the 31 Days of Horror! I even still have the old banner I made for last year. I haven’t decided on the movies yet, definitely going to watch at least 1 Alien movie, 1 Predator movie, Bait (with the sharks), a Sharknado, and maybe a Friday the 13th, a Leprechaun, a Nightmare on Elm street, a Halloween, at least one of all the classic, maybe a Scream, and maybe whatever else Netflix throws at me. I enjoy good horror movies that make me want to sleep with the lights on, and bad horror movies that make me make fun of them. I will watch Valentine’s Day with Jensen Ackles (I actually own it and never watched it.) So already I have 10 movies picked out, just need 21 more. I will live tweet the movies, you can follow me at @ExtrovertAlone and heckle me if you wish. Also suggestions for movies are welcome. I will also have a review of each movie after watching it.

I’m really looking forward to this again. It is a shame that last year I didn’t get to complete it.

Learning Curve or Someone Needs to Write a New Homeowners Guide

I currently live in the first house I’ve ever bought. We’ve lived here for 4 years. It will be 5 years in October. We’ve had our a/c serviced before under the Home Owners Warranty that we purchased. (The seller bought the first year, and we paid for 2 years after that.) He just said it needed freon, charged it up and away we went with a/c. Well last summer the a/c didn’t seem to be doing its best. On really hot days it would not turn off, it ran 24/7.

This summer and today is June 17, 2016, and on the last week of 95 degree weather the a/c only cooled the house down to 77 rather than our favorite setting of 72. (We set the temp at 72 and leave it there year round.) The inside unit was also leaking water. So my husband and I bit the bullet and called an HVAC company. (I’m tempted to put the name of the company we called, but I’ve been telling word of mouth which company it was.)

As far as I know and I know very little about owning a home, I called and asked for my a/c to be serviced, you know, like a tune-up on a car and maybe find out why the inside unit was leaking and why the a/c wasn’t cooling down the house all the way (I was prepared for being told it was probably because it was really hot outside.) I was informed it would be $95 for the service call.

First thing the a/c guy tells me is: In Missouri that a/c units are only made for 95 degrees. When it is 95 degrees outside the unit won’t turn off. If a higher degree was used then it would make the walls sweat. 

Second thing the guy tells me is: I need to replace my programmable thermostat with a non-programmable one and start turning the temp down to 68 at night and back up to 72 in the morning. Dafuq? (I actually looked this up after the guy left and the closest information I could find to this was you set your temp to 68 in the WINTER and 75 in the SUMMER, nothing about changing it nightly. I got my information from: Department of Energy: Thermostats)

So he checks the temperature in my ducts, and pulls the drain hose off (he didn’t put it back on though) says to me that the drain pan is probably rusted and has a hole in it and that my coils are probably rusted too. (Coils are made from aluminum, had to google this one after the fact too. So they don’t rust.)

He pulls out the filter (which we had just replaced) and says the filter is too restrictive, that I need a filter with grooves large enough to put my fingers into. So we go outside and look at the condenser unit, he tells me its dirty, I agree. I tell him I know nothing about cleaning them. (Now this is a service call, so I fully expect him to clean it.) He says he can do it, but it will cost $79 extra on top of the $95 that I’m being charged for him to come out. Wait. What? He also tells me that he can replace my thermostat for $150 extra on top of the $95 dollars that I’m being charged for him to come out. He bleeds off some freon, tells me the pressure is within range of what it is supposed to be. Tells me that a hose has been shrunk down to a smaller size and that could be the reason that my a/c isn’t cooling the house. Makes no suggestion of replacing the hose.

So he gives me 3 options:

  1. Pay the extra $79 for him to perform “maintenance” which means hose off the condenser unit.
  2. Pay him to replace the thermostat.
  3. Buy a new a/c unit.
Nowhere was I actually told that anything was broken or bad or on its last legs. He told me the unit was old and should be replaced. So he leaves and about an hour and a half later the a/c cycles and then shuts off. I’m in a panic. I do everything I’m certain I’ll be asked if I’ve done, turned everything off then on, replaced the batteries on the thermostat. Nothing works. The fan will turn on but the condenser unit won’t. So I call the a/c repair company back and tell them that the technician was here a couple hours ago and now the a/c won’t work at all. I fully expected them to send the technician back out, I even called in late to work. Instead they kept telling me over the phone that the technician’s notes state the unit is old and should be replaced. They would be MORE than happy to send out a “comfort adjustor” to give me a free estimate for a new unit. That was this company’s story and they were sticking to it.
I’ll never use them again, and I’ve been telling everyone who will listen how bad their customer service was and how their technician was giving out misinformation. I left a bad review and read some of the other bad reviews, they were the same problems. Rather than fix the unit (wasn’t just a/c but furnaces and hot water heaters too) they wanted to replace it and from what I read, rather inflated prices. How is this company still in business?
So I called another HVAC company and told them over the phone, I have an old unit, it leaks, I want to know why it leaks, and I’m not interested in buying a new unit. The lady was polite, said no problem, and set up the appointment.
My a/c has been working again, not well, but it does work. The thermostat had been factory reset to 85 degrees which was why the unit shut off. It had reached the ‘desired’ temperature.

31 Days of Horror – Day 1


First of all I was drunk and second of all I wound up watching my horror movie really late and went to bed before blogging about it which I’m grateful. I read some of my drunk texts last night and apparently I’ve made plans to meet up with friends on Saturday and Monday and buy them lunch.

I originally watched Don’t Blink because of the Doctor Who reference. Now that is the only similarity between this movie and Doctor Who. I live tweeted about as I watched it until  I was too drunk to work Twitter. I actually seemed to have gotten into a naughty DM conversation last night too.

Don’t Blink is a fun movie. The dialogue is great and they even have one character who seems to have seen horror movies before. Sad that no one listens to him. It is a lot of anger and a lot of spooky, very little blood and 0 gore. I recommend it to everyone, and it is available on Netflix.

Day 2’s movie will be Insidious.

31 Days of Horror – Starts Tomorrow!

31days0Starting tomorrow I’m doing the 31 Days of Horror, everyday of October I’ll be watching a horror movie and giving my thoughts on it. I watch a lot of bad horror movies, but October will be heavily sprinkled with a lot of my all time favorites along with classics and bad movies that Netflix suggests.

I’m going to start the month with Don’t Blink. I’ve already seen it but I feel it will set the mood for the rest of the month. I plan to end my 31 Days of Horror with Halloween.

A good horror movie isn’t one that scares me at the moment, it is when I’m too afraid to walk through my house in the dark after watching the movie.

Everything Wrong with Divergent – CinemaSins

Thank you CinemaSins, you said way more about this movie than even I did and I thought the movie was bad. Go CinemaSins!

Legends ep 2: Chemisty – Thoughts

Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT's Legends.
Sean Bean as Martin Odum in TNT’s Legends.

Watch past episodes on TNT Drama.

Okay I’m a little late to the party. I watched last night’s episode this morning. I was busy last night watching my brother-in-law play Hitman… 

I’ve only got two episodes to go on, so I’m not sure a “norm” has been established. I’ve watched 24 but not Homeland, and I got the feeling they took a page from Supernatural. First of all I expected Sean Bean to be in a different legend every episode, which shows the acting prowess of Sean Bean. When last night’s episode was him trying to recover from having his last legend blown, I think this may be he’s in a new legend every other episode. Also when he’s not in these legends who maintains them? Who answers the phone calls? Text messages? I mean in the first episode he’d been Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months at an anarchist training camp, so while Martin Odum was Lincoln Dittmann for 6 months, The legend he’s supposed to slip into next week: Dante Orbek, has been missing? Incommunicado? Or we under the impression that these legends are created on the fly, like Lincoln Dittmann seemed to be (details were added after Martin came from being him for 6 months.)

Enough poking plot holes, that may be sealed up in later episodes. When I start poking them, means I actually like the show (or movie) enough that I’ve begun to analyze it, rather just saying, “Yeah it was good.”

So, mentioning the page from Supernatural, when I realized that last night’s episode wasn’t going to be a new legend, I figured it was going to be a ‘meet the supporting cast’ episode, since one of the other agents was going to assume his legend (so I guess we did get a new legend every episode except Troy’s legend wasn’t as deeply explained as Martin’s) and it felt like Maggie got a lot more screen time.


Well just because you think they’re supporting cast, doesn’t mean they’re gonna live is all I gotta say. Which is just like Supernatural, or Game of Thrones (only I’ve never watched Game of Thrones) I just have listened to others talk about it.