Dream 2/6/17

What better dream than a Doctor Who/Warcraft Crossover?

The dream was so good I intent to make it into Fan Fiction and start outlining it. It won’t be World of Warcraft in it though.

I dreamed I was the Doctor’s Companion and in love with him and it was the 10th Doctor. Now I’ve began to flesh out parts already to make my dream more sensible. I only dreamed that we were sent by a king whose lands were under siege by an evil force to a small desolate village to retrieve some sort of artifact that had been hidden there to save the kingdom. We did not take the TARDIS to the remote village in the mountains, we went by carriage, along with a small company of royal soldiers to protect us. The night we arrive the Doctor becomes sick, passes out and is feverish and delirious. We get him into a bed (the villagers are extremely wary of us and the soldiers) and won’t talk to us, or help us with our “quest,” they say the king abandoned them when their village fell ill (in my dream it was Smallpox but considering the time period the dream took place in, it could’ve been Black Plague) and would not send them any help, so they won’t help the king.

Over the course of the night, a blizzard hits, and the Doctor and I and this small company of soldiers are trapped in the village because the pass we came through it blocked with snow. The next morning the Doctor is out of the bed, looking for his clothes, saying we need to help the king, and find the artifact, but he’s not any better. He’s still sick. I try to tell him we can’t leave even if we had the artifact, because we were snowed in. We didn’t bring the “special blue carriage,” I was trying not to alarm the peasants. Because our modern clothes and the way we spoke, and the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, they were already claiming we were wizards and didn’t trust us more than as if we were normal outsiders.

I’m having a hard time convincing him to get back into the bed. He’s feverish, sweating, shivering, babbling nonsense half of the time. I’m really worried about him, and since he’s not human, I have no idea how to treat him (since the medicine is basically 14th or 16th century) other than just rest, liquids, and soup. I hug him and whisper into his ear I love him and that if he dies, I’ll die too.

(Then the phone rang and I woke up.)

As far as fleshing it out and complete spoiler, we get summoned via a message from a clockwork raven, that the Doctor built (during a previous incarnation) and gave as a gift to the king (who will be the grandfather of the king in my dream). The king’s dowager aunt is the one summoning the evil (I’m thinking demonic shadows or something) because she wants the throne for her daughter. (King’s cousin.)

We arrive, discover the kingdom in turmoil, get sent to get the artifact (I’ve no idea what the artifact is at the moment) and though the Doctor becomes ill, it isn’t a sickness but he’s being poisoned by an agent of the dowager queen who traveled with us.


Dante Seraphim

Marcus Faust has a blood cousin, Dante Seraphim. In Noristrad all the royal houses (families) are vampires or headed by a vampire, except the monarchy itself. Vampires usually install a human puppet on the throne to keep the humans pacified.

He was originally based off Raziel before he was betrayed by Kain in Soul Reaver. My story was about how Faust manipulated Dante to do things for him, but Faust always at the last moment would jump in and save Dante if he felt he needed it. I wrote this long novel with every intention of publishing it, until I set it aside for a couple of years, then pulled it back out and read it. It was completely awful. It was like a child wrote Soul Reaver fan fiction.

Dante was my vampire that was supposed to not be like the others of his kind. He didn’t care about vampire politics, he was an advocate for humans, often protecting them from other vampires. He’d been raised a count, with lands, but gave the title to his heir, Rene, and wanted to be left alone to live on his ancestral estate: Angelwood. He had taken on a life of a hermit, but even though he acted like he hated to be disturbed, he often appreciated the visits from Faust. He had weaknesses that other vampires didn’t have, such as he lacked telepathy, and to attempt to use it on him it was debilitating, for Dante. He pined after his deceased wife, Chalarty, so no other women interested him. He was virtuous, he protected and defended those he considered family and friends.

In 2012 & 2013 I began to flesh out more of Noristrad and more of the vampire politics, and in fact, more of the convolution between the houses of Faust and Seraphim, and I decided that Dante really needed a new face. At that moment I was putting moons on my all my ikes and came across this image of Aidan Turner from Being Human and decided that Dante Seraphim had found a new face.

I roleplayed off and on with Dante and Faust, I enjoyed god moding too much to let anyone else into the monologue. I just never had the same feel for Dante that I did in 2000, so Faust became my favorite and I found myself writing more for Faust than Dante. I actually pulled Dante from my medieval Noristrad and put him into a more modern setting, I brought Faust with him, but Faust became someone who he sought for information or guidance, and Dante was the main character. It was told from his point of view and from the point as if he was writing his memoirs. I fully intended it to begin him telling about his life and activities as a young vampire and to be interrupted by whatever modern events were happening. I was trying for a ‘case a week’ type story telling, and I wrote 5 cases, they seemed weak. I’ve posted the first case on my writing blog: Dusty Words I also intend to post one of the parts of the medieval monologue with Faust and Dante.

The Witch Hazel


Believe it or not, I’m a writer. A self published author even, but I’m not about to advertise my book though. I’ve actually been working on a sort of Raphael Fan Fiction, but not quite. See the character is greatly inspired by Raphael. It is still a work in progress, set in Sword & Sorcery.

The Witch Hazel