Pokémon Go & Dog Walking

Took the girls with me to go Pokestop visiting. The park next to my house has 4 Pokestops and a gym. I wore them out pretty good. On the way back my Shih Tzu, Auriel, kept trying to lay down.

We did some photos at the park. Kept trying to take a selfie with the dogs but I couldn’t convince them both to look forward with my back to them.
Got the gym at the park to Level 5 and dropped in my Snorlax.
The Snorlax is currently my best Pokémon. I’m currently starved for stardust to level up the others. I hatched him from a 10 km egg. I hatched an Evee from a 10km egg and there was much nerd raging. 
The real funny thing is I’m wishing I had a higher energy dog so I that I could take longer walks or even take the dog with me to ride my bike. I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything though. Maggie (beagle) after over 4 months of living with us has finally seemed to finally become one of the family. She brought me a tennis ball two days ago wanting to play. This was a first. I still want to do scent training with her.