July 9th 2015

I just want to point out that I typed 2014 at first. Seven months into the “new” year and I’m still trying to call it 2014. Jeez what does that say about me? However a quick search of Google and I’m not the only one, I was however trying to find out how long until you’re supposed to stop writing last year’s date.

050b577178fb1736757562f914aac1b9a90168-wmSo. Not much has happened to me as far as depression goes. I finished my IOP (intensive outpatient program) I’ve been watching the shit out of NCIS, all 11 seasons are on Netflix and I’m midway though season 3. I haven’t written or read much since devouring¬†Codependent¬†No More, I need to at least read a book or so every month.

Okay, discovered Whisper by accident, and tooling around with it, seems pretty cool until you realize that if you post anything sexual you’ll get dozens of messages asking for nudes or if you’re male or female. I suppose I’m just technologically naive. If I was more clever I’d realize that all forms of communication, even anonymous, people gonna wanna see your nudes. Sad it took me so long to realize this. Which is something I posted on Whisper and wound up in a nice conversation with someone. Lord, I’ll talk to anyone.

Speaking of talking to people, I’ve not been pushy in any of relationships, haven’t begged for attention and even mailed out some postcards to those I have addresses for. It is $0.35 to mail a postcard, I’ve somehow got all these $0.37 stamps. Might as well use em up and not to mention the 100 assorted postcards that are really weird.

Had a job interview on Monday, probably the weirdest and yet casual interview I’ve ever had. I dunno if I’ll get the job. The manager who interviewed me was not prepared at all. He had no information on me and asked me like 3 questions.